Ultimate Mother of the Bride Checklist!


A step-by-step guide for the other important lady of the day!

When it comes to planning and organising for larger groups, mothers definitely know best. If you are an upcoming mother of the bride and looking for a short and sweet checklist before the wedding day, this article is perfect for you.

Let’s get ticking!

Meet the Parents

If you’ve never met your future son-in-law’s parents, take the lead and plan a get-together with them.

Help with Planning

If the mother of the bride is paying towards the wedding, you may have more of a hand in the organising. The best bet is to offer to help and be as available as you can.

Look After the Gifts

Make sure they’re safely stashed away after the party so the couple can pick them up whenever they’re ready to.

Research Family Heirlooms

There might be something your daughter would like to incorporate into the ceremony. You can help with the tradition of ‘something borrowed – something blue.’

Prune the Guestlist

If your daughter’s budget or venue simply doesn’t have the room, mums are a great source to help trim down their list. 

Collect the Cake

The couple might want to save the top tier, or there might be lots of leftovers to distribute. It’s the mother of the bride’s job to organise this.

Take Charge of the Morning Prep

Make sure the bride stays calm, make sure the makeup artist and hairstylists see to everyone, and make sure any young bridal attendants are kept occupied.

Get the Bride Dressed

Helping the bride into her dress and placing the veil is, and will always remain, such a sweet, time-honoured tradition for the bride’s mum.

A Shoulder to Cry on

Emotions will be high for everyone involved. MOB’s are a well of wisdom, solid advice and emotional support for their little girl. You just need to be there for her, whenever she needs you.

Get to the Church on Time

The mother of the bride travels to the wedding ceremony ahead of the bride. She usually travels in a car with the bridesmaids and any little ones who are in the wedding party. 

Take your Seat

When you arrive, greet the guests at the door, and allow an usher to escort you to your seat.

Witness the Signing of the Registar

Traditionally the father of the groom would escort the mother of the bride to be the witnesses of the signing of the register.

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