Vicky & Paul’s Magical Memories with The Lodge at Ashford


This fairytale truly does have a happily ever after! Try and not get goosebumps from this wedding!

When Vicky first started her job in Berlin, she had no idea she was going to meet the man of her dreams. The couple fell instantly in love and tied the knot back in Ireland. Keep scrolling to read more on this love story!

How did you both first meet?

Paul and I first met in the summer of 2015. I was travelling to Berlin as an intern to work in Paul’s family company. I had spoken to all of his family before arriving, funnily enough. I’d been interviewed by his parents and was in email contact with his brother, finalising details. I didn’t officially meet Paul until I arrived (late) at the office. I had gotten lost on the way there and was a panicked mess. Paul had agreed to show a few of us around the city. We didn’t talk much at first – I was pretty shy and so was he.

The ‘first move’ was a few weeks later at a local party. From there, he wanted our first date in Berlin along the river at a restaurant. Truth be told, it was the first ‘proper date’ I’d ever been on! We spent the whole day in the city walking and talking after that. It was perfect.

Tell us about the proposal!

We were together for 6 years at this point. Paul had suggested a trip back to Berlin. We were staying in the city centre and Paul had planned to buy a promise ring while I was waiting at a cafe oblivious to it all (honestly I was)!

Paul said he had to get a present for our friend’s birthday while we were away. The queues were huge, so I waited for him at the cafe. He must have been gone for about an hour but finally arrived!

Paul told me afterwards it was exactly like that scene in ‘Love Actually’, where Alan Rickman is trying to buy jewellery in a hurry. He couldn’t put the ring in his pocket because he had to come back with a bag from his ‘shopping trip’! Therefore, he had to search for a regular bag, as the ring had a very distinctive colour on their bag!

In the evening, Paul was not himself and suggested to go for a walk around the city. We walked right back to where we had our first date but it wasn’t as idyllic as the first time! The pubs surrounding the area were packed and incredibly noisy.

Finally, we walked back to the Brandenburg Gate. Still oblivious, he dropped to one knee and I just burst into tears, overjoyed!

When did you start planning your wedding?

We started planning straight away…by we, I mean I!
We knew we wanted to get married in Ballintubber Abbey, straight off the bat. It was a venue we always loved and was an instant no-brainer. The team at the abbey are so professional and make the process so easy.

Deciding on a date was pretty easy as our parents were married on the same day and the 15th of September fell on a Friday in 2023. It was fate! We pretty much planned everything ourselves. Thank God we had no major planning issues throughout the process. Looking back, it came together absolutely amazing.

Tell us a bit more about your suppliers

After we had secured the church, the next thing I moved on to was my makeup artist. I had seen Hayley’s work for years and had always wanted her as my makeup artist. Hayley then recommended my hair stylist, Natalie. They were so calming on the day and total pros at it all.

My flowers were absolutely perfect. I love classic neutrals and greens but wanted something a bit quirky. Judi captured my vision to perfection!
I literally couldn’t stop looking at my bouquet the whole time. The guests kept commenting on the flower and candle arrangements throughout the day.

For church music, we went with a string quartet. I kept the song I was walking down the aisle to a secret from Paul! The atmosphere was delicate and emotional. It fitted the ceremony and venue perfectly.

I looked at loads of venues and wasn’t finding the right fit for us. Finally, I arranged to meet with the team at the Lodge at Ashford Castle. I was so impressed with the homely feel. I immediately rang Paul and told him I had found the one! The Lodge at Ashford Castle! We shipped over Paul’s favourite German beer had my own signature cocktail with personalized stirrers.

For music, we had the cosmonauts and their sax player also play for our drinks reception. They were an amazing team and kept the party going the whole night.

Who captured your day?

Our photographer, Liam, was a no-brainer for us. He’s so relaxed and you’re guaranteed to get a laugh! Paul was nervous about being photographed the whole time, however, it all turned out superb. Liam organised an extra photographer for us to make the most of the time in the morning. We have so many shots of our dads, moms, siblings, friends and family that we didn’t even think of getting. Liam literally captured everything and the results were absolutely breathtaking.

Our videographers, Tom and Abbey were second to none to us. They worked so well with Liam. Both were very chilled and filmed the perfect shots without us even noticing. They all play such an integral role in the day and capture it all for a lifetime.

What did you and the bridal party wear? 

Choosing my dress was the most difficult task of the entire process! Boy, did I try on a HUGE variety?! I had been looking for my dress for about 18 months. I’m not exaggerating when I say I had tried on about 70 dresses before I found the one. I was just about to fly to Berlin as I had arranged an appointment with a designer a friend had told me about who would work with me to create a dress.

One of my best friends told me to try one more in Galway. She said you mightn’t find your dress, but you will come out of the appointment with a clearer head. Fast forward to meeting Eoghan in Thistles, I found the one! Eoghan was direct and honest, I loved the honesty! I went with a strapless Mikado gown by Justin Alexander, as it had gorgeous beading on the back and was the perfect mix of modern and preppy! I matched it with a cathedral-length veil and simple diamond accessories. For the evening, I changed into a fully beaded floor-length dress with a slit by Nadine Merabi. It was so fun to wear and fit so well without any alterations.

I also got my bridesmaid’s dresses off Thistles. This was such an easy process. The more we got to know each other, the more the ideas flowed. We went with 3 different colours of green silk in the same dress style.

Paul’s suit came from Louis Copeland! Again, we went in with an idea and left with something better. Paul ended up with a smart, navy tuxedo. Everything down to the shade of his shirt was thought through and he looked amazing! The groomsmen went with a black tuxedo, which again, worked so well with the classic style.

What was your favourite part of the day?

How can I pick just one! I really loved the morning of the wedding. Everything felt right. I’ll always remember the drive over to the church! I sat in the back with my mom. My dad sat in the front with the driver, Alan, who was delighted to be with us. Before I walked up the aisle, I focused on keeping my composure! I must have looked stressed because my maid of honour, Claire, had a last-minute dance with me to keep the nerves at bay! It was a surreal experience seeing Paul at the top. He was so happy and kept his composure, not sure about the rest of the groomsmen (I think I saw a few tears)! Once the ceremony was over, the day flew by and we were carried from one moment to the next.

Any advice you can give?

It’s the same thing all the time, isn’t it…

IT IS YOUR DAY! Do what feels good for you both. It’s hard not to compare weddings until your big day. Trust the professionals that you have chosen to work with. You chose them for a reason and they know what they are doing.

Obviously, do your research as what worked for someone else might not work for you and that’s okay. Also, cut your partner some slack with the planning! They are trying to support what we want at the end of the day. So this is my official public apology to Paul for my bridezilla moments!

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