How To Write The Perfect Father Of The Bride Speech

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As the father of the bride, we have no doubt you are delighted that you get to walk your little girl up the aisle. However, you may not be so thrilled at the thought of giving an introductory and witty wedding speech!

Every dad wants their moment to be memorable, follow these six top tips for a speech that you’re not only proud of, but your daughter will remember for a lifetime…

The Thank You’s

Customarily, if there is no master of ceremonies, the first wedding speech is given by the father of the bride.  Start off by welcoming guests and thanking them for being a part of the celebration, particularly those who have travelled a distance, as well as key individuals who substantially contributed to organising this special day. Make it a warm and genuine introduction to grab everyone’s attention and set the tone.

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Honour the Bride

Every father-daughter relationship is different; some are more humorous whilst others are sentimental and this should be reflected in the tone of your speech. Start by using this opportunity to recall stories from the bride’s childhood that reveal her character traits or of course, any moments of pure hilarity! This always goes down a treat, it’s the perfect ice breaker and brings guaranteed smiles all round. Go on to talk about how proud you are of her accomplishments, of the woman she has become and of course how gorgeous she looks on her wedding day.

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Welcome the Groom & His Family

Another key ingredient of a father of the bride speech is to talk about your new son-in-law. Perhaps mention the first time you were introduced, when the groom asked for your daughter’s hand in marriage or share any funny experiences you have had together to delight guests (or to make him squirm!).  Note how happy he makes your daughter and how you think they are a great match. Lastly, welcome the whole family with open arms and share your excitement of their future together.


Humour vs. Sentiment

A great speech will have the perfect balance between witty humour and love and support. Find the words to express your feelings in a heartfelt way, whilst keeping elements of the speech light and bright and with funny anecdotes (particularly at the beginning) to keep guests entertained and keep your nerves at bay. Avoid any embarrassing stories (leave that to the best man!) and embrace your emotional side, as a few sincere tears from the heart will certainly pull on everyone’s heart strings.

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Be Prepared

Writing a father of the bride speech is no mean task, and requires meticulous planning, structure and thought.  Aim for a speech that lasts 6-10 minutes, to keep the audience engaged and practice beforehand to smooth out any hiccups and to practice maintaining eye contact. If you have lots to say, consider writing those heartfelt sentiments in a letter for your daughter to open on her wedding morning as a personal touch.

Raise a Glass

Add some parting wisdom and your warmest wishes for the future and follow tradition to round-off your speech by asking everyone to stand to toast the new bride and groom!  Now you can breath, relax and enjoy the party…

If you would like to share some advice with perhaps the Groom or Best Man, then check out our Ultimate Guide To Speeches HERE!

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