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Above wedding stationery image from Letter & Lime Design.

When you choose the design of your wedding stationery, you are instantly letting your guests know the wedding style you are going for.

This is why it is so important to choose the right format and design for your wedding stationery, so that it reflects the venue and tone of your wedding day. These things might seem easy to organise at first, but it can definitely become overwhelming for the majority of people!

When picking your colour theme for your day, it might be best looking first at the colour tones that your venue already has. This can greatly bring you some inspiration. You might even pick a colour you thought you would never choose. Also, seasonal colours will definitely come in handy if you can’t make up your mind!

Whether your venue is an old rustic barn, or a chic hotel, we have all the inspiration for your wedding stationery so you can transport your guests imagination to your venue before they have even arrived!

The main things you should be considering:

When you are looking for inspiration online for your wedding invites, there are four main points you should consider.

  • Venue: try not to steer away from your venue and its current style. Embrace the venue and style already in place. If you do this, your photographs will look much better for years to come.
  • Venue Décor: When visiting your venue, the first thing you should be doing is looking at the colours of the walls and the overall space. If there are colours within this aesthetic, it is best to compliment them in your invites.
  • Season: The season of your wedding should greatly determine your colour theme and style of the stationary. The surroundings of your venue will drastically look different within each season, so it is essential to consider this.

The Rustic Look

Nothing says rustic like florals and foliage! It truly is a trend that will never go out of style in the world of weddings. If you’re going for a rustic themed wedding, bring the natural elements and colour tones into your wedding theme. This could include lots of florals in your wedding stationery. The combination of the minimalism and natural tones in the invites below from Freckles and Fern are a great example of incorporating the rustic feel into the invites.

The Country House

One style we’re loving right now is the vintage yet modern pocket invites. This is a big stationary trend of 2024 which includes delicate embellishments, refined designs and elegant fonts. It’s all about the details when it comes to this style – add finishing touches with elegant wax seals, metallic features and a pretty envelope to seal the deal.

Or if you are thinking that might look a bit too old fashioned, why not jump on the trend of pearls on your invites? We are seeing an increase in pearls, whether that is on the veil, shoes, accessories or invites. Anything that screams chic and sophisticated is perfect for you!

The Modern Quirky Venue

Sometimes the best invitations are the ones with a simple yet stylish design. We love the minimalistic trend this wedding season and noticed couples opting for a more streamlined and simplified invites which set the tone for a sleek and contemporary event.

The Destination Wedding

Let your invitations reflect you and your personality by going for a unique, cute and quirky design. After the year we’ve had, we are seeing more and more couples getting excited to finally announce the dates for their big day, and what better way to do this with a fun and personalised wedding invite!

Choose designs with lots of greenery if your reception will be outside. You could also opt for picking motifs that are reflective of the region you are getting married.

Still looking for your dream stationery style? Make sure to check out our online wedding directory for more inspo!

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