Wedding Trends For 2024 You NEED To Know!


As a new year beckons, so does a new collection of trends!

As we look forward to the year ahead, many brides will be wondering what will make their wedding day stand out amongst all the others over the next year. From dessert stations to digital guestbooks, we cover all the upcoming trends you need to know about to keep your wedding looking fresh and quirky!

Dessert Stations

Dessert stations are not necessarily a new trend that you will not have heard about before, however, we predict brides will be making their dessert station much more unique and themed to them as a couple! Instead of only having a three-tiered wedding cake, couples might opt for a coffee theme with coffee cakes and espresso martinis, or a lemon cake with some lemocello shots!

Brides are definitely upping their game with making their wedding much more personal to them and we definitely think creative brides will grab this trend with both hands.

Documentary Style Photography

For couples who would rather have more candid shots of their wedding day, documentary style photography would suit you down to a tee! Documentary style photography consists of less posed portraits of the wedded couple. Examples of this would include shots of the couple in mid-conversation; laughing, gazing into each others eyes, the list goes on.

We already see a spike in these sort of images on our Instagram feed, with many influencers choosing to pose looking into the distance or slightly turned away from the camera.

Informal Wedding Menus

Instead of the traditional wedding menus, many couples are preferring to personalise their wedding meal with their own favourite meals! Whether it is a barbecue with some pulled pork and flame grilled burgers, or an Italian inspired three-course meal, the options are not becoming much more available and accepted.

We have also found that many brides are preferring to choose an exclusive venue and with that, they will have to bring their own caterers to the space for the evening. You might as well use this trend to be budget savvy and choose an informal dinner that you both will actually enjoy!

Wedding Logos

We have already seen so many of our real-life brides and grooms personalising their wedding by branding their event with different monogram moments! Whether it is on a handkerchief or wedding stationery, we believe that custom logos will only become more of a trend as we move more into 2024. Typically the logo would consist of the couples names combined.

Champagne Towers

Nothing screams class and elegance quite like a champagne tower at your wedding! We have seen a steady increase in brides wanting to look timeless and chic and this has no doubt creeped into wedding aesthetics. Why not have your champagne tower as your ‘something old’?!

Digital Guestbook

2024 brides are saying ‘yes’ to sustainability and finding different ways to bring their traditional celebration into the modern era! Digital guestbooks are more of an experience in reliving the wedding than a small written statement in a book you could rarely open. The guestbook can include stylish selfies, heartfelt videos and audio messages to really bring the wedding to life all over again. We are loving this trend and hope that it will continue for the months ahead.

Wedding Stylist

We would all love a stylist at the best of times, never mind on your wedding day! We predict that brides and grooms will really want to set their wedding looks apart from previous generations and invest on a professional stylist for the pair on the night. A wedding stylist is not necessarily an expensive option as they can help you cut the costs with their knowledge on reputable and unique brands. This way, they can also feel reassured that their bold statement looks will make a good impression on their guests rather than a bad one!

Other ways to have a unique stylist to you would include having a separate hair and makeup artist for the bride on their wedding day. A lot of brides often feel the pressure that their stylist will not be able to get round all the bridesmaids and make them look a million dollars, so having a separate stylist on the day allows them to fully relax and enjoy the day unfold.

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