10 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Weddings

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Want to impress your friends or wedding guests with some fun wedding trivia? Here are some lesser-known facts about matrimony, both fun and useful for brides and grooms getting married across Ireland and Northern Ireland!

You MAY have to attend marriage classes

If you are having a religious ceremony, prepare to be educated if you aren’t already! Brides and grooms may have to attend weekly or monthly classes for their marriage to be accepted in their denomination.

The white wedding originated with Queen Victoria

In her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, Queen Victoria shunned the popular red colour of the era for a white satin number, and alas, the white wedding dress was born!

Flowers really DO cost over £600

Yes, expensive we know, but they are SOO worth it given how pretty everything looks!

Brides historically wore veils to protect them from evil spirits

A theory by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who knew?

Flower girls are usually under ten years old

After that they should be promoted to Junior Bridesmaid and wear a similar dress to your maids.

There are three types of wedding ceremonies in NI/ROI

Religious (Catholic, Protestant etc.) Civil (performed by a registrar) and Humanist (non-religious)

Your dress really CAN take six months to arrive from order date

This is dependent on the designer, as some may take shorter or longer. We recommend shopping 8-12 months before your wedding.

Traditionally, the bride stands to the groom’s left during the ceremony

In ancient times it was believed the groom needed his right hand free to fight off other men!

Las Vegas is the most popular wedding destination

Do you fancy saying your ‘I Do’s with Elvis in the little white chapel?

You must give a minimum of 28 days notice to get married in NI

Don’t forget you gotta make it legal! Contact your local council a few months before the big day, just to be sure. For ROI, you must give at least THREE MONTHS notice to your registrar or priest/ religious celebrant.


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