33 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue


We have all the essential questions you need to ask your venue-to-be! 

During the wedding planning process, you will most likely visit dozens of different wedding venues before you find the right one for you. After all, there’s so much choice there, it’s important you choose wisely! With this in mind, we understand that a lot of couples often feel overloaded with information after each visit, often forgetting to ask key questions. To make sure you avoid doing this, we have come up with 33 questions should ask any wedding venue before you put your deposit down  in order to avoid any nasty surprises!

The Basics

1. Is my wedding date available?

Obviously, this is the first question you want to ask any venue you are considering booking. It’s important that you are upfront with the dates as you don’t want to fall in love with a venue and then find out it’s not available for your date.

2. How many people can this location accommodate?

Another important question to ask early on, check with the venue just how many people they can host. If it’s an intimate venue, you will obviously need to have a clear idea on the practicality of numbers and vice-versa.

3. How much is the deposit and fees?

To keep in line with your budget, go through the cost of the deposit and any fees that may be applicable. You will want to be clear on all costs involved to avoid any nasty surprises and whether or not it’s something you can really afford.

4. Can I have my ceremony here as well?

For some couples, they may want to have a ceremony such as a humanist ceremony at their wedding venue. If this is what you want to do, make sure and clear this with your venue.

5. Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party?

For the logistics on the big day and to ensure everything runs smoothly, check if any rooms can be used for changing for the bride, groom and bridal parties which will be good to know in advance.

6. What’s the cancellation policy?

Good to know as anything can happen, to prepare for the worst, make sure you check out your venue’s cancellation policy.

7. Do you have liability insurance?

Every wedding venue should have some form of public liability insurance and there shouldn’t be an issue providing a document that proves this. You don’t want to be held responsible if a guest injures themselves, especially if it’s an outdoor/barn wedding.

8. Is the venue licensed for civil ceremonies?

If you’re planning a civil ceremony, make sure to check this out as some receptions don’t accommodate them. You don’t want to have your heart set on a venue and later find out you can’t marry there!

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Food & Drink

9. Do you have in-house catering or do I need to hire my own?

It’s always good to know early on whether the venue offers catering or if you need to outsource it. If so, you will need to go through what they offer and find out if it’s suitable.

10. When and where can we cut the cake? 

It doesn’t hurt asking the venue what the logistics are when cutting the cake. It’s always good to be prepared and know exactly what is set to happen.

11. Are tables, chairs, plates and glassware provided?

You will need to check if you need supply items such as tables and chairs, especially if it’s an outdoor, beach or barn wedding.

12. Can we bring our own drinks?

Guests might appreciate being able to bring their own drinks to your wedding, so double check if this is a possibility.

13. Is there evening food provided?

After the main meal, later on in the evening, you and your guests may become peckish so ask and see if there’s an option for evening food as it’s a good idea to offer some grub up later on.

14. Can special diets be accommodated? 

To ensure your guests are well catered to, make sure and ask your venue if special dietary requirements can be accommodated too. Your guests will greatly appreciate it!

15. What is offered on the menu?

When visiting your venue, ask to go through the menus they offer for weddings and think about how many courses you want. It’s important that you have food that not only do you like but also what your guests will like too.

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16. Are we allowed to bring our own decorations?

This is always good to know, especially if you want to add a personal touch to your wedding or have a specific theme in mind. Your venue might be able to source certain items themselves, so definitely ask.

17. Can we style the area as we like?

Some venues are happy for couples to dress up their receptions rooms how they like, others aren’t. Scout this out so you know exactly what you can do.

18. Can we use candles, confetti, fireworks allowed?

Again, some venues may be able to supply these items but some may not allow them at all so it’s best to check this out.

19. Is there signage or aides to direct guests?

Signs are always helpful to have displayed, so ask your venue if this is an option.

Ceremony & Evening Reception

20. What is the changeover plan from ceremony to reception?

Knowing when your ceremony transitions over to reception is really important to help avoid guests from waiting around.

21. Can you accommodate my live entertainment?

Before you book any form of evening entertainment, make sure to double check with your venue first! You definitely don’t want to shell out on expensive entertainment if they can’t play.

22. What are the bar prices?

Check with the venue just what their prices are so your guests don’t get a nasty surprise at the bar when they order! It’s always good to know what to expect.

23. What time will our reception need to finish?

Having an end time for your reception is important, especially for those who need to arrange transport.

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Vendors & Staffing 

24. Can I hire my own vendors?

Don’t forget to ask this questions – it’s important to know what you will need to arrange yourself.

25. What security do you offer?

It’s always important to double check what kind of security your venue offers before you sign on the dotted line.

26. What time can my vendors start setting up?

Knowing when your vendors can set up with help you organise your day and ensure things run to time without being last minute. #

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28. Is there disabled access?

An important aspect to check out, ask your venue what disabled access they have and how they can accommodate those needs.

29. Is parking provided on site?

If you’re having a large wedding, it’s crucial you know to know if there’s a car park on site and how many cars it can fit.

30. How many toilets are there?

It doesn’t hurt to get the lowdown on how many toilets your venue offers, especially if you have a large number attending.

31. Is there somewhere we can securely store our wedding presents? 

This is something many couples forget to ask, so make sure you don’t! Ask your venue if they have somewhere safe to keep your wedding presents to avoid any mishaps.

32. Is there a cloakroom?

Always helpful, make sure there’s a cloakroom provided for those wanting to take off their coats and jackets.

33. Is there any noise restrictions?

It’s good to know whether or not there are any restrictions on noise, especially if it’s a venue close to residential areas. Otherwise, you can party as much as you like without waking up the neighbours!

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