Are Your Star Signs Compatible?


If you’ve ever read your horoscope in the hope that it will shed some light on your love-life, then you may just be a little bit interested in finding out if your zodiac signs are compatible before you say ‘I do!’.

If you’ve ever looked up the zodiac sign most compatible with your own and realised that it’s not your partner, don’t worry your relationship isn’t doomed! Star signs, like most things in love, are complex things and simply offer another way of understanding yourself, your partner and how you both work together in a relationship.

So yes, it’s fun to give your signs a once over when pairing up with a new partner, but it really all depends on what you are looking for. Here we bring you a fun breakdown of some different matches.

Aries (20th March-19th April)

If you are an Aries bride-to-be you will always support your fiance’s ambitions, because you want a successful man beside you. As a wife you will never neglect your husband or your responsibilities at home and in married life, but as an energetic and vibrant person, you want to have it all and should never give up on your dreams. You are active, organised and prone to jealous outbursts when your sense of security and confidence are shaken.

Perfect Matches

If you’re ready to buy a house and have a family, then Leos are your perfect match, but if you see yourself climbing mountains or chasing sunsets, you’ll be better off marrying a Sagittarius. They’ll be your best bet for a life of adventure.

Taurus (19th April-20th May)

Taurus women are often confused for great housewives that cook and bake all day long and live an idyllic life at home. You will be a mother who adores her children, but your need for material satisfaction is usually greater than your need to fulfill your stay-at-home role. You want a successful husband, who will provide financial security to the family, but you aren’t afraid to create it on your own. When with the right partner, you are faithful, loyal and dedicated, with enough patience to move mountains, if that is what your family needs.

Perfect Matches

If you see yourself having a cosy, homey family life, then Cancer is the perfect match for you. However, if you’re more of a workaholic, or have an entrepreneurial spirit, then a Capricorn is probably the better choice.

Gemini (20th May-20th June)

If you’re a Gemini you tend to be a bit mischievous, but willing to calm down when you get married. You will get strangely attached to your husband once you find someone worth the trouble, but this won’t stop you from being who you are or maintaining a healthy social life that helps you overcome any of life’s difficulties. A Gemini woman wants a partner who is on the same intellectual level as she is and you should never settle for less.

Perfect Matches

As a Gemini, you love to have fun. So look for a partner who can move quickly, offer stimulating conversation, and keep you from getting bored. If you want someone who will be fascinating 24/7, Sagittarius is your best bet. As for someone who will be fun in bed for forever and ever, look no further than your perfect sexual match – the Aquarius.

Cancer (20th June-22nd July)

If you are Cancer, you are the ideal wife for a partner who holds on to traditional values. You are sensitive and faithful, motherly, and full of love and understanding. You want someone to protect you, not because you’re weak, but because you need a spouse you can rely on to keep you safe when you’re feeling vulnerable. Once married, you will do everything in your power to nurture the relationship you’ve chosen, till death do you part!

Perfect Matches

If you’re going through tough times, or want to be with someone who can handle anything, then Virgo is the way to go. If you’re all about those looks, however, scoop up a Capricorn. They are your match for pure attraction.

Leo (22nd July-22nd August)

As a Leo you’re organised, punctual and always find time for everything. You will be the ideal wife to an ambitious man if you love him enough, because you have the energy and understand what needs to be done in order for him to become successful. You are powerful, attractive, sensual, warm and at times quite loud! Your decisions are your own and you want to be respected at all times. When you marry you will rarely let go and are brave enough to face anything that comes your way.

Perfect Matches

Leos are known for being quite the entertainers, so if you’d like to meet your comic match, marry a Gemini. As for someone to take on the world with, then Aries is the perfect choice to help you accomplish all of your goals.

 Virgo (22nd August-22nd September)

Analytical and intelligent, while at the same time extremely sensitive, you will be a caring wife and mother. Even though you often have trouble letting go of your need to keep everything under control, this can be overcome with an appropriately responsible partner. You might seem cold and too reasonable for a passionate relationship, but you’re also incredibly reliable, practical and willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

Perfect Matches

If you’ve been through some trust issues in the past, then you may want to move forward with a Taurus. Not only are they down for deep commitment, but they’re also a great match for an enduring love life. If you see yourself heading in an entrepreneurial direction, then a Capricorn is the star sign for you.

Libra (22nd September-23rd October)

You are very attractive and always surrounded by admirers. You look for harmony and a balance in your relationships, and need a strong man, who is responsible and protective, but also not hung up on opinions of other people. Many women born in this sign want to enjoy luxury and comfort, but don’t choose their partner based on material benefits of a relationship with them. You need intellectual stimuli and someone to make your life interesting and fun while not endangering your sense of security.

Perfect Matches

Libras need to feel loved, feel special, and whether they will admit it or not, need to be doted on. Your best match will be someone who will be willing to do that for you, no matter what their sign.

Scorpio (23rd October-21st November)

If you were born with the Sun in Scorpio, you take marriage very seriously and look for a partner who is charismatic, influential and powerful. You will sacrifice yourself for the happiness of your family, but in return, you expect complete admiration and respect. Extremely passionate and full of energy, you’re a woman who will never settle for superficial relationships.

Perfect Matches

Scorpios are known for being secretive, kind of obsessive, and even a bit intense. Therefore you need a partner who understands your intensity, so Virgo is the star sign for you!

Sagittarius (21st November-22nd December)

You are wise, openhearted and friendly. Your set of beliefs gives the ability to support your partner in anything they put their mind to, but only if you choose someone who makes you laugh, and is honest and giving. Monotony is your worst enemy and you will do anything to keep the fire lit in your marriage.

Perfect Matches

Your kindred spirit is an Aquarius, and your best match for a life of ideals is a Libra.

Capricorn (21st December-19th December)

You need a partner who respects your independence, rationality and feisty nature. You can be stubborn and persistent to the point of agony, but you will always take the side of her loved ones and be as loyal as anyone can be. If you are hurt too many times, you can become cold, reserved, distant and even repulsive, losing any desire to show emotion even when you truly care for your partner. It doesn’t take much to break your heart and you need someone tender and able to understand this.

Perfect Matches

If you’d like to take on the world, marry a Scorpio. They’ll be there to support your hardworking ways, which just so happens to be one of your most dominant traits.

Aquarius (19th January-18th February)

A woman born in the sign of Aquarius is friendly and open for all sorts of new experiences. If this is you, you won’t want to commit until you find the right person to be with, but you can make the wrong choice by risking a partner who doesn’t respect and cherish you the way you are. If you fall into an endless loop of routine, your need for adventures and changes might take over!

Perfect Matches

Do you feel totally misunderstood in life? If so, you’ll want to shack up with a partner who will get you through and the best sign for that is another Aquarius.

Pisces (February 18-March 20)

You are in love with love, and truly believe that marriage will bring miracles into your life. Your partner needs to understand your need for privacy, and respect your boundaries for you to truly bring magic to the home and put all of your faith and trust into the future of your family.

Perfect Matches

As a Pisces, you often live in a dream world, so you need someone who can keep your feet on the ground. Cancer is the perfect match for unconditional love, or you can ‘swim through life together’ with a Pisces.


This is certainly not a rule of thumb; remember to always trust your gut when it comes to choosing a partner – not your zodiac sign!


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