Bridal Party Roles Explained!


Assigning bridal party roles can be one of the most important tasks and we’ve broken each role down so you can start planning with ease today.

Bride & Groom

You both have a lot of roles and tasks that will need to be ticked off! Firstly, you will need to discuss and agree on an overall budget. 

You will also need to pick a date and a venue. After that, you can start preparing and planning your invites! Other responsibilities include ring bands (traditionally, you pay for one another’s), wedding cake and the photographer and musicians.

It is also common that the bride and groom help in contributing to the bill for the overall wedding.

Bride’s Parents

Bride’s parents have traditionally paid for most expenses. Today, it is much more acceptable for the budget to be distributed amongst the bride’s parents, groom’s parents, and the couple.

The bride’s parents traditionally hold the first engagement party. They may contribute to the guest list and wedding details. The mother of the bride chooses her outfit, then informs groom’s mother of her choice.

The bride’s father gets fitted for formalwear. On the day of the wedding, then he escorts her to the ceremony site and may walk her down the aisle. He tends to be the last person to leave the reception to ensure that the evening has ended with no problems.

Groom’s Parents

Traditionally, the groom’s parents contact the bride’s parents after the engagement. They may host an engagement party also. They provide a list of guests to the newly engaged couple. They consult with the bride’s parents on their outfits. They nowadays may contribute to some wedding expenses.

Maid of Honour

Before the wedding, the maid of honour’s duties includes coordinating the bridesmaids’ activities, bachelorette party and dress fittings. She also helps the bride and groom with any errands or tasks.

The maid of honor accompanies the bride to the ceremony on the wedding day. She arranges her veil and train and bouquet when needed. She will also sign as a witness on the marriage license. At the reception, she dances with the best man and organises the bridesmaids for formal pictures. The Maid of Honour will also help the bride organise her belongings before the honeymoon. 


The main role of a bridesmaid is to assist the maid of honour with her wedding-planning duties. Your bridesmaids help you with tasks like invitations and will help plan the shower and bachelorette party. 

During the reception, bridesmaids are required to mingle and ensure that all guests are feeling being well looked after.

Junior Bridesmaid

A girl aged between 9 and 13 is usually known as a junior bridesmaid. If there is no flower girl for the wedding day, she will normally step in to scatter the flower petals or walk ahead of the bridesmaids during the ceremony.

Flower Girl

The flower girl is usually between the ages of four and eight. During the ceremony, she walks ahead of the bride, scattering flower petals in her path or she may carry a bouquet instead. 

Best Man

Like the maid of honour to the bride, the best man is the groom’s biggest source of support. 

They are required to organise the bachelor party, coordinate the groomsmen’s formalwear fitting, pick up the groom’s attire, and orchestrate the toasts at the rehearsal party.

On the day of the wedding, the best man makes sure the groom gets to the ceremony site on time. He brings the bride’s ring and signs the marriage license as the groom’s witness. Afterward, he organizes the groomsmen for formal pictures, dances with the maid of honour, and orchestrates the toasts during the reception. After the celebration, he sees that all rented formalwear is returned.


The groomsmen have very few responsibilities before the wedding. Mainly, they help the best man plan and host the bachelor party. They should periodically check with the groom and best man to see if they can handle any other tasks.

On the wedding day, the groomsmen should arrive early at the ceremony site, ready to greet guests. They’ll be involved in the wedding and are expected to remain at the reception for its entire duration.

Junior Groomsman

Similar to the duties of a junior bridesmaid is a junior groomsman or junior usher (he wears a tuxedo). Nowadays, if they are up for it, they are more than welcome to scatter the flowers up the aisle on the day. 

Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is traditionally a boy who carries the wedding rings on a satin pillow (or symbolic rings, with the real rings being held by the honour attendants) down the aisle.

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