How Make-Up Artists Have Had To Adapt Their Kits For Covid


For so many brides, one fo the first wedding suppliers they book is their make-up artist! But thanks to good old Covid, for months brushes and palettes have set down and kits packed away.

With lockdown after lockdown, it can seem almost impossible for us to imagine what our ‘new normal’ might look like. We caught up with award-winning and crazy talented MUA Jennifer Ireland, to chat about how corona has affected the beauty industry…and to divulge some MUA secrets.

So Jennifer, how has Covid-19 impacted your business?

Lock down and restrictions have completely decimated the wedding industry this year.  It’s so heartbreaking for both the couples and businesses alike.  I was on maternity leave earlier in the year so wasn’t meant to be working anyway, but the vast majority of my bookings for my return and the remainder of this year have postponed until next year.  It’s definitely scary to see my diary so quiet, especially as I haven’t been earning since December, but it’s totally understandable why so many want to hold off.  I am so thankful though that a few couples have gone ahead with a more minimal day, so there is enough work just to keep things ticking over.  Plus, it’s just a joy to see people get married!

At present I haven’t been affected with regards to how far I can travel, or if I can go into people’s homes.  The latest rules for NI, even in areas where restrictions have been tightened, allow the services of any trade or profession to be carried out in a private dwelling, and allow businesses to still operate from home.  Meaning clients can still come to my home studio, and I can still travel to their homes on the morning of a wedding.

How have you adapted your kit to Covid-19?

Due to the nature of my business, I’ve always practised high standards of hygiene anyway, but of course adaptations have been made for the “new normal” we all find ourselves in.  Firstly, I expanded my brush set so on the morning of a wedding, each person has their own set, which are labelled in pots.  Each person also gets a box fresh new sponge and powder puff so there is no cross contamination.  Minimal products are lifted out so as not to expose everything during each application, and any products that are used are cleaned thoroughly between clients.  Surfaces of course are regularly wiped down both at the studio and when I’m on location.  Hands are regularly washed and sanitised, and I obviously can’t social distance so wear PPE during applications.


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What can brides do to help keep things safe?

Before and after applications we can socially distance, but during I wear a mask and goggles.  Try to keep windows and doors open as much as possible to keep the air flowing, and where possible, keep numbers restricted.  At my studio, I ask the bride to come alone.  Or if they have booked a trial for anyone else in their party, I ask them to wear masks whilst waiting.  On a wedding morning, there will be more people around due to the nature of the event so if brides can ensure there is as much space as possible for social distancing, and plenty of hand washing and sanitising.  Also, keeping preparation areas separate from where breakfast is being made and ate, with surfaces being wiped down prior to hair/make-up arriving would be great too.

Any advice for brides planning a wedding during a pandemic?

We don’t know what’s going to happen next week never mind in a few months time, and definitely not in the next year.  So I think couples should still go ahead with plans and just hope for the best.  That’s all we can do, right?  Now, post-lock down, most businesses have a “Covid clause” already included in their booking terms, and if not, all you have to do is ask what their policy is regarding the pandemic.  Keep in mind and accept that things might have to change last minute through nobody’s fault, and really think about what actually matters to you.  It might be a reason to scale back, which I think for some will work well!  And at least now, compared to all those poor couples who planned their wedding without having ANY notion of what 2020 was going to bring, couples can tackle wedding planning for the next year or so on the offence.

Looking to the future, is your diary open for new brides-to-be in 2021?

Yes my 2021 diary is really filling up due to postponements, but also with new brides, and I’ve just opened my 2022 diary as I’m already getting so many enquiries!  Best way to book is to email me at to check availability and request info. and pricing, or for more general advice and a quick glance at pricing, brides can visit my website and also my social media, search @jirelandmakeup

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