How To Help Prevent Acne Breakouts On Your Wedding Day


You’ve been following a strict bridal beauty regime for months now ahead of your big day – then you wake up the morning of your wedding with a monster red spot…nightmare!

A major breakout a few days before the big day can seem like a total disaster. But, since stress can cause acne breakouts to occur, and wedding planning can be stressful, it isn’t too uncommon.

There are so many factors that can cause these not so pretty pimples to pop up on a wedding day, which leads to a lot of skin-related questions. Like what foods should I avoid the week before the wedding, should I get a facial or will that trigger something? We’ve got 5 skincare hacks that we have tried and tested ourselves in the WJ office, that way you know it’s all safe and will work!

Keep Your Fingers Away

The first and sometimes hardest part can be trying to avoid touching your face. No matter how many times you wash your hands, they are filled with bacteria that can easily spread to your pores. We know how tempting it can be to scratch or pick at an irritating spot, you must be strong and resist! If you are a compulsive face toucher, then be sure to keep a hand sanitiser in your handbag or pockets at all times.

Exercise Daily

Sorry, I wish there was another way, but staying active can help sweat out any pore-clogging toxins. Whether you choose an intense spin class at the gym or a simple walk/jog with your dog, exercising is a great way to clean out your system. Working out will also lead to a healthier lifestyle making it easier to get in shape and feel good about yourself for your big day—and have the stamina to stay on the dance floor all night long!

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Luxury Bedding Is Key

We don’t want to scare you, but the amount of dead skin cells and dirt/dust that collects in your bed sheets and pillows is shocking. Freshly-washed sheets are the first line of defence against the germs that can cause breakouts. Another personal fav is a silk pillowcase, it’s fantastic for keeping both your skin soft and hair frizz-free, definitely worth a try.

H20 Is Your New Best Friend

Water helps digestion and helps your body get rid of toxins that could lead to a breakout. It’s best to drink between 2 litres to 8 litres of water a day, to help keep your face hydrated and oil-free. Not only does water help prevent acne, it also helps keep skin looking soft and moisturised.

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Prep Is Key

You may want to invest in a series of acne treatment facials. A well-trained dermatologist or beauty therapist can give deep-cleansing facial treatments and extract stubborn blackheads. They’ll also recommend skincare products if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices.

Top Tip: Don’t get a facial less than one week before the wedding, especially a procedure like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or even extractions. The last thing you want is a red or splotchy complexion on the biggest day of your life. If you’re keen on having a salon treatment done, instead of a facial try a relaxing massage or body wrap instead.


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