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Men’s Wedding Band Guide

Mens wedding band holding hands with bride

Are you a groom trying to decide on the perfect wedding band? The last thing you want to be doing is stressing about what wedding ring to get. Here’s a guide to help find the perfect men’s wedding band.

Which style should I choose?

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a men’s wedding band, here we highlight four of them. 

Classic Court: The classic court fit, it is the most common ring shape. It showcases a rounded interior to match the exterior, this creates an almost-rounded ring making the profile the most comfortable. 

Flat Rings: The flat ring is the polar opposite of the classic court as it has both a flat interior and exterior. This ring isn’t as practical for those who work in a hands-on job or have a more active lifestyle as it can catch easily on clothing or machinery. However, the flat interior means that the entire surface of the band fits more comfortably.

D-Shape: The D-shape ring is very similar to the classic court as the outer profile is very rounded. It features a much slimmer design with a flat interior. This ring is perfect if you love the traditional shape but want a close fitting flat profile. These rings are ideal for guys with active hobbies or a more hands-on job because it is safer due to the streamlined design. 

Flat Court: This ring has a comfortable rounded interior with the exterior of a flat ring and is very popular right now. This modern design isn’t as thick as the flat profile style and has the comfort of the classic court style.

What is the best band width for me?

When choosing a men’s wedding band you wil want to consider the width that suits and feels most comofrtable. For your reference, slim wedding bands are 4mm, medium wedding bands are 6mm and wide wedding bands are 8mm. The most popular width is the 6mm medium fit. If you want a slim minimalist look aim for 4mm, but if you want a men’s wedding band that’s stands out aim for 8mm!

Men with longer or larger fingers feel more comfortable with a wider fit wedding band, while men with shorter or slimmer fingers prefer a slim fit wedding band.

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Men's gold wedding band

Choosing the right metal for my wedding band

Since the wedding band you’re choosing will be on your finger you don’t want to end up choosing one that’ll be uncomfortable, tarnish or cause an allergic reaction. If you have sensitive skin you’ll want to stick to pure metals-gold, platinum, silver and hypoallergenic titanium.

Gold Wedding Bands 

If you want a very traditional wedding band gold is the best option and is available in white, yellow and rose golds! Higher karat golds tend to be more tarnish-resistant, gold is also easy to resize. However gold tends to scratch easily meaning it would not be the best choice for someone with a very hands-on lifestyle. 


If you want a stronger more luxurious metal than gold for your wedding band platinum is your best option! Platinums white finish won’t tarnish at all and is a hypoallergenic metal. However platinum is one of the most expensive metals and can often be twice as much as gold.


If your lifestyle is more hands-on Titanium is the perfect fit for you! It is one of the hardest natural metals and is scratch and tarnish resistant. It is also perfect for men who aren’t used to wearing jewellery as its quite lightweight.However titanium is one of the most difficult metals to resize.


If you are looking for a stronger wedding ban Tungsten is the best fit for you! Tungsten carbine is stronger than titanium an ever more scratch resistant. It is also extremely tarnish resistant making it another great metal fit if you work with your hands. Tungsten is the closest you’ll get to unbreakable! However this ring is impossible to resize.

Sterling Silver 

If you’re looking for an affordable classic choice for a wedding band sterling silver is your best fit! unlike pure silver which is soft sterling silver is stronger, it is also cheaper than gold making it a great choice. However with daily wear it can be prone too tarnishing. 

Stainless Steel 

If you are looking for a more affordable wedding band this stainless steel is the perfect fit for you! Stainless steel is scratch and tarnish resistant and also lightweight. However stainless steel can be difficult to resize and is not the best fit for swimmers as chlorine can damage this metal.

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