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How To Match Your Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring


Your go-to guide for finding the perfect wedding band to suit your sparkler!

As far as wedding problems go, this one’s pretty sweet – you’ve got the perfect engagement ring, so it’s only right you pick a wedding band that best complements your sparkly new friend!

From the colour and metal to the shape there’s so much to consider when it comes to wedding ring shopping. You might want to buy your engagement and wedding ring together, but if that ship has sailed, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to wedding ring styles.

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Contoured Wedding Band

Sleek and snug, a contoured wedding band fits perfectly around the shape of your engagement ring and almost hugs your sparkler, showing off every detail whilst providing a unique shape and style – how cute!


If you really want to find a perfect match, consider asking the jeweller of your engagement ring to have a look at their wedding band collection or ask about bespoke options – chances are they’ll probably have an option specifically designed to fit alongside your ring.

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Curved Wedding Band

For the bride looking for something a little different, curved wedding bands are a stylish alternative and works best for engagement rings that don’t allow a straight wedding band to sit flush against them. The curved style leaves just enough room for your diamond or stone to fit secure and snug.

Open Wedding Band

An open wedding ring fits around the stone or stones on your engagement ring but doesn’t actually close. Instead it ends with a little gap in the middle – leaving just the right amount of space for your sparkler to really shine!

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If you’re looking for consistency, it’s worth matching the width of your wedding band to the width of your engagement ring – think slim with slim, thick with thick etc. This will provide an overall neat and clean finish to your combined bands.

Notched Wedding Band

Straight Wedding Band

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Stacked Wedding Bands


Unless you want to make a style statement, it’s a general rule to keep the metals uniform and consistent. Match rose gold with rose gold, silver with silver etc. And if you’ve got a budget to stick to, you can always use alternative matching options such as pairing sterling silver or palladium with white gold.

Pointed Wedding Bands

Although the pointed style is similar to the notch and curve wedding bands look-wise, this ring doesn’t exactly fit the shape of your engagement ring – instead it leaves some space for the stones and gems to really stand out!


Before you make your final decision, try on as many wedding band styles as you can with your engagement ring so you can get a feel of what you really like and don’t like. Perhaps a plain straight band may not seem like your style, but if your engagement ring is a real showstopper, this could be the perfect style to complement it!

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