Ditching Diamonds for What?

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Australian jeweller, Natalie Marie, is making the headlines in the engagement ring industry for her semi-precious stones that look like they cost thousands!

On average, UK consumers spend approximately £2,400 on an engagement ring, so it is no doubt an expensive process! It is very important when it comes to choosing the perfect one – this baby needs to last forever! You want to make the commitment but you know there’s other responsibilities, as well as a wedding if she says yes!

Marie’s rings are made out of a semi-precious stone called morganite, that shines as bright as a diamond. It belongs to the same family of gems as the aquamarine and emerald meaning it is definitely legitimate and will last a lifetime.

Morganite, also known as Pink Beryl, is rightly named because of its slightly pink colour due to the presence of manganese. Pink and rose tints are super fashionable today, but it is a timeless colour so is perfect for engagement rings.

Unheated, morganite is a peachy-yellow colour that might not be as popular but some people will prefer the vintage look over the heat-treated pink stones.

So, morganite can come in a range of colours from the palest of pinks to dazzling orange.

Cost wise, Marie’s semi-precious stones engagement rings cost approximately £1,000 – over 50 per cent saved if you bought a diamond engagement ring! Her rings are handmade to order that take three to five weeks to make, plus three to twenty days for international delivery. So if you’re looking to pop the question, make sure you’ve the ring prepared well in advance!

Featured Image: @nataliemariejewellery / Facebook

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