Why You Should Consider An ‘At Home’ Wedding


It looks like ‘at home’ weddings are the new trend due to COVID-19 and we’re not mad at it – imagine choosing the perfect forever home and creating the most beautiful memories there, starting with your wedding!

We recently wrote about how to plan a cosy intimate wedding, but what better place to say ‘I do’ than the comfort of your own home? If you’re not convinced, we’re here to tell you exactly why you should consider an at home wedding and all the things you can do to make it just as magical as you always wanted.

Why go for an at home wedding?

Well for obvious reasons we’re still in a pandemic, but there’s something special about creating a beautiful ceremony at your forever home. After all, that is the place you both hope to spend the rest of your lives so starting with your wedding will make it even more memorable. It can also be a great way to save money on a venue and gives you total freedom to customise and design exactly as you like.

What do you need to consider?

There are some things you will need to consider when it comes to planning an at home wedding. The first thing is the guest lists and how many people you can safely fit in your home. If you’re aiming for an indoor wedding, we recommend dedicating separate areas for different parts of the day – this will allow you to have everything set up in advance and each room will have a different vibe. For example, you could choose the prettiest room to exchange your vows, then head outside for some food, drink and a dance!

Here’s some tips to think about when planning an at home wedding…

Have a rain plan

We all wish for sunny weather on our wedding day, but we know how temperamental Irish weather can be – that’s why it’s so important to have a backup plan just in case! If you are hoping for a backyard or garden wedding, consider booking a marquee – you don’t have to use it for your entire wedding but it can come in handy if the rain wants to make an appearance, plus it can make for a nice evening reception area too.

Enhance the entrance

One of the best things about planning an at home wedding is having the freedom to transform the space into exactly what you like, so get creative with it! If you’re having your wedding in the garden go for a statement entrance to really bring the wedding to life. Flower arches are a big thing right now and you can also add dramatic drapes to really distinguish the altar – it will also look extra beautiful with any outdoor greenery and scenic views.

Bring the bar outside

This one speaks for itself, I mean what could be better than sipping cocktails in the sun at your own outside bar? And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, in fact a home-made wooden bar can bring a rustic vibe that goes perfectly with an at home garden wedding! If you want to kick things up a notch you could also bring in a bespoke wagon to showcase cocktails and other beverages – adding a little vintage flair.

Embrace the outdoors

If you are fortunate to have attractive scenery, views or trees in your garden space make sure to take advantage of that – picture saying ‘I do’ under fairy lit trees or  being framed by a stunning scenic backdrop of natural views, sounds like something from a fairy tale right? If you don’t have this kind of thing in your garden, don’t worry. You can always add some extra greenery here and there to tie in the outdoor aesthetic, such as adding some ivory through white drapes for an effortless and elegant look.

Detailed décor

It’s all about the little things when it comes to creating your wedding at home. Whether you’re hosting indoors or outdoors, the right décor is what will really bring your wedding to life! Fairy lights and candles are a given and will always add magic to any setting. You can also add earthy centre pieces or mini planted trees alongside bespoke furniture to add a relaxed an authentic feel to your day.

Include your pets

If you have much-loved fur babies at home how could you not include them in your big day? They will already be comfortable with the setting and think of all the fond memories you’ll have looking back through photographs of how they got involved.  Depending on how well trained your pet is you could have them bring the rings down the aisle to you, even throw in a little dress or tuxedo to make it extra cute!

Enjoy local delicacies

This is the time to look at you and your loves favourite near-by food places and what better time to help out local businesses than right now! Make sure to check out if food catering options are available and pick all the best dishes that you already know you and your guests will love.

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