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Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper Is ENGAGED!


Here’s a first look at the stunning engagement ring!

The Call her Daddy host has announced her engagement to 39 year old Holywood producer Matt Kaplan in an interview published by W Magazine.

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Alex Cooper said Kaplan proposed on the 3rd of March at their home in Los Angeles. She said she had being lured out of the house for a fake photoshoot!

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan. Photo Credit: AARON IDELSON

Alex Cooper, 28 told W that it felt so surreal it was as if she blacked out. She said: “I think I said yes at first. It was very surreal.”

Cooper also took to instagram to announce her engagement saying: “At one point this would have been VERY off brand! I’m so thankful for how much the show, the Daddy Gang and I have all grown together. We have gone through some of the most wild, hard, fun and transformative moments with each other over the past 5 years. I’ve felt so comfortable sharing the most intimate moments of my life with you, so it’s only fitting I share this with you… because I definitely wouldn’t be here saying yes to a man and getting married if it wasn’t for all of you… SO DADDY GANG… NEW EPISODE IS LIVE. FIANCÉ FATHER ERA STARTS NOW!”

Fans and celebrities rushed to the post to congratulate the two. Alex Cooper has turned off the comments so she can fully enjoy the moment with her fiancé.

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Before the engagement, Matt tried to make the engagement like a scavenger hunt. He had left special notes for her, with one asking her to meet him at the Buddha in their garden.

Following directions, Cooper made her way out to a 500-pound Buddha that a woman had placed in the courtyard near their home. Alex Cooper then found Kaplan with their two dogs! He got down on bended knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

“You’re my soulmate, the love of my life,” Kaplan said, according to Cooper. “You make me a better man. Please do me the honor of marrying me.”

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan. Photo Credit: AARON IDELSON

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Kaplan has been very supportive of her career and her podcast, which has only made them stronger together. Cooper implied during the interview that her podcast and success has greatly intimidated men in the past.

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan. Photo Credit: AARON IDELSON

“Matt has always been my biggest supporter,” she added. “It’s very attractive to have a man not be intimidated by a woman’s extreme success.”

We’re so happy for them both and can’t wait to see the wedding… Stay tuned for more news and updates to come!

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