Sex Positions Couple’s Have To Try For An Unforgettable Night


What better way to celebrate the season of love, than with mind-blowing sex!

Chocolates, roses and fizzy wine might not cut it this Valentine’s Day. To make sure you and your other have a special evening, you might want to bust out some new, sensual moves. The holiday only lasts 24 hours so you will have to use your time wisely. Research is key, you should head into the bedroom, with your sex playlist in hand, already knowing which sex positions you are going to roll with.

You’d be surprised to learn how many sexual positions there, that can help you achieve the climax of your dreams. Switching things up can help break up your routine in the bedroom, it’s always nice to spice things up!

You gotta check out our sexy hit-list of positions for the best Valentine’s day sex of your life.

The Butterfly

This position is ideal for sex in places other than the bedroom. The woman is on her back, with her hips on the edge of the bed, the man penetrates whilst standing. The woman can then shift her legs up and over his shoulders, whilst tilting her hips upward. This allows for deeper penetration and more than likely a killer orgasm. Guys tend to hit the G-spot from this angle a lot better.

The Anvil

Essentially, this is the missionary, but the person underneath has their legs up on the others’ shoulders. It means the penis can go deeper; a firm favourite of many women. If that’s a hard position to get into, you can put a pillow under your back.

The Octopus

Your partner sits behind with their hands and legs wrapped around you. This is all about sensory stimulation, playing with the clitoris, vulva, and nipples, all whilst kissing your neck. This will definitely get the party started!

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Rose Bud

Sprinkle your bed with roses, then sit down facing each other, and have the receiving partner wrap their legs around the penetrating partner. This is a softer movement, more grinding and rocking than aggressively thrusting, which makes it feel a million times more intimate.


Move to the edge of the bed and lie back with your head and shoulders on the floor as your partner enters you. The blood will rush to your head creating mind-blowing sensations upon orgasm.

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Butter Churner

A Love Island favourite, the extra rush of blood to your head will increase that feeling on ecstasy. The woman should lie on her back, with her legs raised over her head, being flexible does help here. The penetrating partner will squat over them and dip their penis in and out of them. Caution when thrusting, start off lightly, you don’t want to add pressure to the woman’s neck. It’s extremely pleasurable for the woman to feel him enter over and over again.


While testing out the more creative positions can make your sex life more exciting, a few simple twists on classic ones can revive your intimacy.

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