The 6 Most Affordable Months to Get Married in Ireland


Choosing the perfect time to tie the knot is not only about love but also about practicality, especially when it comes to your budget.

For couples planning to say “I do” in Ireland, considering the most affordable months can significantly impact the overall cost of their wedding. From venue prices to accommodation rates, there are certain times of the year when getting married can be a bit easier on the wallet. Let’s explore the most affordable months to get married in Ireland:


The beginning of the year often sees a dip in wedding demand. With the holiday season over and colder weather settling in, January can be an excellent choice for budget-conscious couples. Many vendors offer discounts during this quieter period, making it more affordable to book venues and services.


Similar to January, February tends to be a quieter month for weddings in Ireland. Valentine’s Day aside, there’s typically less competition for venues and vendors, which can translate to lower prices. Plus, with the romantic ambiance of winter still lingering, February can be a charming time to exchange vows.

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As autumn transitions into winter, November presents another opportunity for couples seeking affordability. The fall foliage may still linger, adding a picturesque backdrop to your special day. Additionally, since it’s considered off-peak wedding season, you may find better deals on everything from venue rentals to catering.


While March marks the beginning of spring, it’s often overlooked by couples in favor of the later, warmer months. However, this can work to your advantage if you’re looking to save money. With temperatures slowly rising and nature starting to bloom, March offers the opportunity for a beautiful wedding without the peak-season price tag.

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As the colours of autumn paint the Irish landscape, October presents a captivating setting for weddings. While it’s still considered part of the peak wedding season, rates may start to drop slightly compared to the summer months. By choosing early October, you can enjoy the fall ambiance while potentially saving on venue costs.


While December can be a festive and magical time for weddings, it’s also a month where some venues and vendors may offer competitive rates due to lower demand. Couples who embrace the holiday spirit can create a memorable wedding experience while benefiting from potential cost savings.

Keep in mind that while these months to get married may offer more affordable options, there are other factors to consider when planning your wedding, such as weather conditions and availability of guests. Additionally, flexibility with dates can open up opportunities for negotiating better deals with vendors.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of your wedding day is celebrating your love and commitment to each other. Whether you choose a peak-season month or opt for an off-peak time, what matters most is creating cherished memories. So, choose the time that aligns best with your vision and budget. After that, get ready to say “I do” in the stunning backdrop of Ireland.

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