The Skin Clinic at Galgorm Answers All Your Wedding Prep Worries


With the launch of their new Aesthetics Clinic, Galgorm’s Dr Andrew answers all your burning bridal beauty questions!

The Skin Clinic at Galgorm have introduced a new Aesthetics Clinic with an exciting range of premier skincare treatments and procedures for a glowing and radiant complexion – perfect for brides and grooms-to-be!

Dr Andrew Mottram who specialises in Aesthetic Physician and Dermatology with over 19 years of experience working in skincare, talks us through where to begin when it comes to prepping your skin ahead of the big day…

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What are the top 3 things to avoid when it comes to picture perfect wedding skin?

No.1: Avoid the sun and sun beds! The sun causes premature ageing, excessive wrinkles, dryness, irregular pigmentation and obviously the devastation of Skin Cancer. Using sun beds and getting a real tan will start to reverse all the improvements you have made. There are plenty of amazing spray tans/self-tan options available. Always wear sunscreen even on cloudy days. Most good makeup brands have an SPF30-50 option so go treat and protect yourself!

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No 2: Avoid getting your first injectables very close to your wedding date! Injectables are medical treatments involving needles and all have a potential list of side effects. I have seen more than a few brides suddenly decide to get Antiwrinkle or Dermal Filler treatment two weeks before their wedding and arguably had their big day ruined by going to the wrong person at the wrong time and getting the wrong advice.

“Choose your injector wisely. It is a very important journey for you, (not a sprint race) too much too quickly can look unnatural, so plan ahead and stay in control!

No.3: Avoid ignoring that one thing that really bothers you before your big day! The amazing advancements in Aesthetic medicine over the last 10 years makes it possible to greatly improve that one thing that has always troubled you. Often these things can be treated with very little downtime and no need for invasive surgery.”

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How would you advise our brides and grooms-to-be to get their skin wedding ready?

“I would advise booking an appointment to develop a personal treatment regimen long before your big day. Everyone is going to have different concerns, needs, requirements and expectations. We have an array of treatments available for all skin conditions.

“Some brides and grooms may benefit from a series of Peels, LED light treatments, Dermapen micro-needling, Platelet Rich Plasma (made famous by Kim Kardashian), personal prescription medication, not to mention the vast range of injectables offered.

“I often use the analogy of seeing your skin like an oil painting. 

“You may wish to restore the underlying frame:

  • Dermal fillers = help by restoring some of the volume loss behind the canvas and help build up the frame to its former glory. Giving support for the painting.

You may wish to help improve any lines or wrinkles in the canvas:

Finally, we need to ensure the quality of the canvas itself looks amazing:

  • Our vast range of other treatments can help with irregular pigmentation, oiliness, dryness, acne flares even scarring.”

What treatments are most popular amongst people getting married?

“The most popular treatments for brides will always remain Anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers. Lips are always the top of most girl’s priorities. Thankfully we are seeing a trend away from overfilled lips towards naturally enhanced looking lips. We are also seeing more men opt for a more sculpted lip.

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“An ever-growing number of brides and grooms are looking for Non-surgical Rhinoplasties or nose jobs. It’s now possible to correct a hump, a dropped tip, even thin the nose and lift the tip using a combination of fillers, PDO threads and anti-wrinkle injections. It involves very little downtime and no need for invasive surgery.

Jawline sculpting is also very popular and have different approaches depending on the gender. The males are looking for a stronger more masculine look while females are looking for a slimline more defined jaw and to tighten up under the chin.

“The latest ‘tweakment’ of 2021 called Profhilo has been extremely popular. It is injectable moisturiser which helps remodel the skin from causing it to massively boost collagen and elastin production resulting in plumping tightening and firming of the skin. All those lovely things our skin desires most.

“Let’s not forget about the mother of the brides and grooms. Many of my clients are mothers of the bridal party, and it is so important that they feel confident on the big day. A big proportion of these treatments will involve gradually replacing their volume loss. 

“Often starting with restoring the cheek volume to its natural youthful look and helping reduce under-eye circles. We then target any other areas of concern from natural lip restoration to smokers lines/kissing lines around the mouth and neck lines. We can get great results for neck lines and loose skin by using a combination of Anti-wrinkle, Profhilo and PDO threads.” 

How long before a wedding would you advise someone to look at getting a treatment?

“The sooner the better! The earlier you start your treatments the more time we have to make you look your best. The perfect example is anti-wrinkle treatment. It may not totally remove the deep static lines on your forehead or brow area after the first treatment, but the more times you get it done, the better the result each time.

“It’s also important to remember if your wedding is in two years, you will have aged another two years when the big day arrives – so start now to help slow and even reverse these signs of ageing.”

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