Bride Diaries: Let’s Talk Bridal Beauty


As the big day gets closer and closer, social media star & MUA Caitlyn Lendrum gives us the complete rundown on all her bridal beauty secrets!

Last week, we caught up with our resident beauty blogger and bride-to-be Caitlyn Lendrum who let us in on all the dreamy details of her honeymoon away with fiancé Tony (P.S… if you need some honeymoon inspo, check this out!)

So with just three weeks to go until Caitlyn and Tony get hitched at The Loft, it’s time to talk about bridal beauty and getting prepped for the big day ahead – and with Caitlyn being an expert in this area, we’re sure our brides-to-be can pick up some handy tips…

Ok Caitlyn… so we’re officially into your wedding month and we’re curious about your bridal regime – how are you getting prepared for the big day?

“Over the past couple of weeks I have made a conscious effort to slow down and look after myself – something as an entrepreneur, I definitely don’t do enough! I recently employed someone full-time to run my second business By Caitlyn Collection alongside me. From taking this leap I have managed to secure a much better routine for myself.

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“I have been visiting Martina Collins Dental and Skin in Hillsborough for some light peels and facials. I brought my mum along and I visited Ashleigh for a consultation and I have since had an Obagi Blue Peel Radiance – this is a salicylic acid based peel which works to decongest, brighten and smooth the skins texture with little to no recovery time. I have also purchased some new products from Epionce which means I have a nice routine I can follow at home.”

We’d love to know if you’ve any cosmetic procedures on surgeries to help you get wedding ready?

“I laugh to myself when I think that I have spent more on myself than on the wedding! For the past couple of years I have been getting laser hair removal in Therapy Clinic which is a game changer! I have seen a huge difference in growth and maintenance and it’s something, as a natural brunette, I recommend to everyone. I look forward to being at the end of my treatment and never having to buy a razor again! 

“I have also been getting lip fillers for the past seven years, so I had a little top up this month but that’s all. The main surgery I had done for the wedding was my laser eye surgery. This was really the only surgery that I was ever desperate for! I didn’t mind my glasses, however I hated when I got glam and then had to put my glasses on. I also was never comfortable for a long period of time wearing contact lenses so I knew I would struggle for the whole day at the wedding. I went to Optilaise Clinic in Belfast and I can definitely say it changed my life!”

We just know your bridal glam will be amazing! Who will be doing your makeup and what kind of vibe are you going for?

“Ahh, this has to be the most asked question ever – if I could have a pound for every person who asked me this I could pay off the wedding AND HONEYMOON!  As a makeup artist and also a fiancée, I knew I would never do my own makeup. I have spent ten years getting ladies glam for their own events or weddings and I want that same experience for myself.

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“I want to sit in the makeup chair and get pampered and I always knew who I would ask! I previously worked in a makeup studio and met so many talented girls – one being my best friend and maid-of-honour, Chloe Loughins. Chloe is fabulously talented, I have put all my trust in Chloe to create something beautiful.”

We can’t forget about the hair! Who is will be doing your hair and what kind of style do you have in mind?

“Hair for me was probably the only thing I really stressed over! I was so undecided on whether I wanted to keep my hair in a short bob and down, grow it out, get extensions or wear it up or even half-up/half-down?! It’s exhausting trying to figure out what looks best.

“The team in Nicholas Graham Salon have been doing my hair a couple of years now so I knew that’s who I would choose. I’m booked in next week for my final colour and cut appointment and I can’t wait! It’s always the best feeling getting a fresh cut. I have the fabulous Deborah K Designs creating something for my hair and I absolutely can’t wait to see what it’s like!”

Let’s talk bridal nails – who is doing your nails and what kind of aesthetic are you going for?

“Not only is my best friend my makeup artist, but my mum is actually my nail technician! I think a classic French nail is very hard to beat so I definitely think I will go for something elegant and timeless.”

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What about your tan – will you be getting a spray tan or using tanning beds in the lead up to your day?

“As a natural brunette, I am also quite swarthy-skinned which means I tan easily and keep a colour well. I am also an ambassador for bPerfect Cosmetics and my favourite product is the Jac Jossa Hydro Glow. This is a developing medium-toned mist which a stunning sun-kissed tone so I will top up my tan the day before! You can also use my own exclusive discount code online which is ‘Caitlyn20’.”

Stay tuned for our next Bride Diaries where Caitlyn teases us with more details of her wedding planning journey – see you then!

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