Top 10 Amazing Wedding Cake Ideas to Inspire You!


Check Out Our Top 10 Wedding Cakes for 2023! These Cakes will Definitely Leave you Inspired and Absolutely Starving!

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular tasty and trendy wedding cake styles you’re going to want to see in 2023.

From pops of colour, to dramatic floral textures and sleek designs, there’s a cake style here for every bride that looks good enough to eat…

1. Hand Written Messages


Hand Written Cake from Zuko’s Bakery

Add some personality to your cake with a handwritten message for all to see!

This jaw-dropping cake serves simple yet stunning! The textured details on the lower tier make all the difference and add a minimalist foliage look. The greenery also adds a hint of floral freshness.

2. Dainty Details


Dainty Cake from Cherub Couture Cakes

This cake proves that small details really make all the difference! The dainty petals sweep up the tiers in a whimsical manner.

We absolutely love the small cupcakes as a second option for your guests! The cupcakes are decorated with fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.

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3. Semi Nude Texture


Semi Nude Texture Cake from MM Cookies

This cake combines captivating with evocative as the artist decorates the cake with a multitude of white roses. By allowing the guests to also see the inside of the cake, the artist adds a homely touch to the overall look.

4. Pops of Statement Flowers


Statement Flowers Cake from Creative Cakes

Why choose one colour when you can have it all? We are absolutely obsessed with this cakes combination of traditional and modern. The dried flowers add a certain delicacy to the cake that will bring the ‘wow’ factor on your big day!

5. Glamorous Mixed Mediums


Glamorous Mixed Cake from Celena’s Cakes

This masterpiece has us picking our jaws up off the floor! The different colours and textures boasts luxury and style. We love the roses and flowers which add an extra pop of colour and also tie the layers together.

6. All White Wonder


All White Wonder Cake from MM Cookies

An all-white cake is quintessentially bridal. This four-tiered cake boasts intricacy through its handmade textures and details. The feminine florals will have your guests looking at the cake for hours.

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7. Pretty In Pink


Pretty In Pink Cake from Cherub Couture Cakes

Another breathtaking example of the beauty in restrained elegance. A touch of romance is incorporated with sensual cerise tones balanced with tender pink blossoms.

8. Quirky Asymmetrical


Quirky Asymmetrical Cake from Creative Cakes

Make a statement with some angles! The chic angular design with pretty and punchy shades makes this cake extra trendy and stands out from your traditional white wedding cake, giving it a more contemporary vibe.  

9. Gold Pieces


Gold Pieces Cake from Debbie’s Delights

This cake proves that simple elegant designs can sometimes look the most elegant and expensive. The artist has also dressed the cake with a few edible white roses to add a bit of pop.

10. Bed of Roses


Bed of Roses Cake from Creative Cakes

This four-tiered wedding cake is a flourish of ivory flowers, trellising upwards through the layers. We are loving the scattered rose petals below the cake. This jaw-dropping cake screams a classy wedding day.

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