10 Exciting Signs Your Partner Might Propose On Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is always a popular and loving time to get engaged! Whether you have been with your partner for 6 months or 6 years, some of us might wonder what the chances are!

If you are wondering whether your other half is getting ready to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, Ireland’s Wedding Journal is here to help! Keep reading to discover the signs that your partner is preparing to get down on one knee!

Signs your partner is about to propose on Valentine’s Day:

1. They are acting nervous before Valentine’s Day!

Searching for signs of an imminent proposal? This one is a great giveaway. Experts say that strange behavior and a secretive shift in body language is an inkling that a sparkly ring is on the way. Do your best to not think the worst… We know what you’re thinking, secretive / nervous behavior isn’t a good sign however if your relationship is in a good place don’t let your mind wonder. Trust your partner it could be a sign a surprise is on the horizon.

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2. They are not spending the way they used to!

Engagement rings are one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery you will own. If you notice your partner becoming more conscious of their spending, this might signify they are planning a big purchase. Fingers crossed they pop down to the jewellers!

A woman looks happy as a male is on one knee in front holding an engagement ring box. Red and silver heart balloons are seen in the background. Image used in the 8 signs your partner is going to propose article.

3. Some of your rings go missing

Engagement rings come in many different sizes and if your partner is planning to purchase a ring in secret, they want to try and get as close to your size as possible. So, if your favourite ring goes missing, you can start dress shopping as a proposal is on the way!

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4. They’ve been talking about the future a lot

One of the biggest signs they have marriage on the mind? This sign is one of the biggest giveaways. Your partner will most likely test the water on the topic of marriage, kids and your future plans. Romantic isn’t it?

Enjoy these moments and do you best not to shoot future forward conversations. It might just be the reassurance your other half needs before getting down on one knee.

5. They are being secretive around their phone

In all honestly, this could be a warning sign of the worst, but if they are usually an open book and you’re both very happy you have nothing to worry about. If lately he or she has been careful to not leave you alone with their phone, your partner could be researching rings or messaging your friends and family to arrange a special proposal just for you on Valentine’s Day!

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6. Someone encourages you to make a manicure appointment:

Have your friends booked you in for a spontaneous manicure? Many partners use the friends of their significant other to their advantage when planning a proposal!

Close up of a man proposing to the woman.

7. They pull a disappearing act

When your S.O. is usually super transparent about his whereabouts, but in the past few weeks, he’s been a little less open. This could be a sign they’ve been spending secret time shopping for an engagement ring, talking to your parents, and asking them to have your hand before popping the question. Remember it’s not easy choosing the perfect engagement ring Again, this could also be the opposite of a good sign so if you’re both very in love then do not stress.

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8. You can feel your family’s anticipation!

There’s very little friends and family can keep from one and other but this is one thing they will do everything to hide from you. However, in doing so their behavior and conversations can lean towards certain scenarios just to test the waters with you! Mothers are the worst at keeping secrets and can often be over emotional if she knows a special secret. It’s super important not to push her into talking about what’s up as this might just ruin the surprise! If you both are family focused when you do get engaged you’ll want to know how to keep the family happy at the wedding.

9. You’re banned from certain parts of your home

Requesting that you stay away from particular areas within your home or watching over your shoulder as you put something in his or her drawer is a sign something is definitely going on. It’s an adorable attempt to keep you away from an engagement box. Don’t go snooping, easier said than done – we hear you, but trust us you’ll want to see the ring for the first time when your significant other is down on one knee. That moment is something you will treasure for the rest of your life.

10. Valentine’s Day has been completely taken care of!

If they have gone above and beyond for this years Valentine’s Day and you have not had to plan anything, a proposal may be under wraps! Not to worry- take advantage of the spoiling. The build up of the proposal is meant to be the most exciting time of your life!

If none of these signs are happening and you think you want to step your relationship up then take things into your own hands! Set tradition aside and go for it. There are no proposals rules so take control and ask your partner to marry you!

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