17 Romantic 3-Tier Wedding Cakes


These gorgeous cakes are almost too beautiful to cut – but not quite!

Sometimes the classics are the best, and that can go for cakes and sweet treats just as much as decor and music!

There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as a beautiful cake with intricate floral touches and the three-tier wedding cake is still hugely popular for a reason.

Cake traditions date back to ancient Roman times when the groom would break a loaf of bread over his bride’s head for good luck, but the modern version is a lot more palatable!

And everyone loves that Instagram-worthy moment when they gather round to see the bride and groom join hands to cut their wedding cake – a slice of cheese just isn’t the same!

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If you can’t decide what flavour you love the best, having a three-tier cakes means you get to choose three in one, although the old tradition of baking fruit cake for one of the layers and using it for the christening cake of your first child is dying out these days.

So go for chocolate truffle, elderflower and gin, lemon and rosemary – the possibilities are endless!

Rose and raspberry cake, below left; 3-tier turquoise cake from Zuko’s Bakery, right.

Three-tier cake with flower decorations from Creative Cakes, left; Blue ruffled wedding cake, right.

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Naked wedding cake with red and white roses, from Celina’s Cakes, left; Naked wedding cake decorated with buttonholes, by Zuko’s Bakery, right.

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Floral cake, left, Tampa Bay Cake Company; Bicycle cake, right, by Cherub Couture Cakes.

Naked cake by MM Cookies, below left; Marbled icing cake by Rosalind Miller Cakes, right.

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Champagne rose cake by Sarah Jane’s Cakes, below left; Pink roses cake by MM Cookies, middle; Ivory rose wreath cake, by Celina’s Cakes, right.

Green and white 3-tier cake, left; Macaron flower cake, by Anges de Sucre, right.

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Happy ever cake by Creative Cakes, below left; Chocolate and raspberry gold leaf cake, by MM Cookies, right.

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