The Bride Diaries: Caitlyn Plans Her Dream Honeymoon


With just 4 weeks to the big day, our resident beauty blogger Caitlyn Lendrum lets us in on some details of her dreamy honeymoon away!

Last week we talked about all the finishing touches for Caitlyn’s highly-anticipated wedding at The Loft next month – which btw, if you’re looking for some wedding inspo you need to check this out!

So this time around, we’re diving right into all things honeymoon as Caitlyn teases us with some details of her dream getaway, upcoming honeymoon style and future plans as Mr and Mrs with fiancé Tony

So Caitlyn… we’re curious to know if you’re planning a ‘mini-moon’ with Tony and if so, where are you going?!

​”We decided that we MOST DEFINITELY need to get away after the wedding! With Covid restrictions still around, it’s not as easy to jet away to our dream destination, so we’ve opted to go to our two favourite places in the world – Santorini and Dubai.

“We get married on the Friday and on the Monday morning we are flying to Santorini to spend seven days of pure relaxation in the most stunning villa, Boutique 88. We stayed there last year and it’s the most beautiful place. Tony and I are both self-employed and have never been away longer than a week together so we are making a point of doing a longer holiday this time and decided to fly from Greece to Dubai for ten days. I think we will want to stay in the wedding/honeymoon bubble for as long as possible!”

We also heard you’re planning another an exciting trip away for the official honeymoon! Can you let us in on any details? 

​”We really don’t want to call our mini-moon a mini-moon because it’s pretty extra! However, I have always dreamed of going to the Maldives! The Maldives will be the holiday and experience of a lifetime, and I’m concerned that if we went this year, we wouldn’t be able to see the country for what it really is due to restrictions.

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“So we’ve decided that we will go next year instead. We haven’t even thought of booking it right now. I think we will wait until the new year then start planning. If you have any recommendations, I would love for you to share them with me @caitlynlendrum on Instagram! 

WOW, two honeymoons! We can only imagine the style you’ll be wearing – any ideas of fashion pieces for the big getaway?

​”Ahh, this is one thing I need to get sorted! I have fabulous intentions to get our suitcases down from the roof space next week and start putting bits into the cases so when it comes to the wedding week it’s all organised. One thing I have had on my wishlist for a long time is a timeless white suit!

“I finally came across a beautiful one last week for a fraction of the price of the one on my original wishlist. I did a massive online order for light summer dresses and a couple of navy and blue bits to match the Santorini views. I am totally making the most of wearing white, so most of the pieces are white! Santorini is full of cobbled streets and steps so I have decided I’m going to just bring block heels to make my life much easier!”

Sounds like a dream! What’s the one thing you and Tony are looking forward to most about your honeymoon?

​”Honestly, just the relaxation. I live such a busy and fast-paced life – I run three businesses and I don’t take weekends off. So when we take the time out and go away, we really do make the most of it. I also CANNOT wait to eat fabulous food. I always make a point of trying new food when I’m abroad!”

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Lastly… do you and Tony have any plans while away or anything on your honeymoon must-do list?

“Last year we made great friends with the man that owns the villa in Santorini, Boutique 88, and he is helping us plan some different things. I found a company on Instagram @Santorinidress who are a group of photographers that capture magical memories. They loan you amazing dresses and bring you to the cliffs in Santorini for a photoshoot – it’s totally amazing and I cant wait to book it!” 

Stay tuned for our next segment where we hear more details from Caitlyn’s wedding planning journey!

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