Create Your Dream Diamond in Robinson Goldsmiths’ Newly Renovated ‘Jewellery Box’ store


Interested in creating your own engagement or wedding ring? Looking for some unique bridal jewellery? Experience magic in Robinson Goldsmiths’ new store and create your signature style.

Robinson Goldsmiths are known for their unique custom-made jewellery, expert craftmanship and contemporary designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you’re still searching for your dream diamond or interested in creating your own wedding bands, the options are endless with their wide range of metals, stones and designs.

We spoke to Robinson Goldsmiths‘ owner and designer Jennifer Robinson who tells us all about the newly renovated store in Bangor and how you can create your signature style.

A Magical Makeover

“We’ve undergone a fresh renovation in our store which has been described as ‘walking into a jewellery box’ with vibrant blues, golds, mirrors and, of course, lots of sparkles! It’s a really magical experience,” she says.

“We also recently purchased a wax printer where we can create a design on CAD and then send to our machine to print it out in wax. It’s called the lost wax process and allows people to really see their rings come to life.”

Jennifer also tells us many brides create their own unique sparklers inspired by their favourite celebrities and add their own special touch to suit their taste and budget.

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“If they can’t see exactly what they’re looking for in store or want to change certain things with different coloured stones or metals, they are able to create their own unique ring that no one else will have,” she says.

“People love the fact that it’s not just something straight of the shelf that anyone can buy. Instead, they actually get to choose every single element in the ring making process.”

Celebrity Inspired Jewels

“We saw a really big influence when Harry and Meghan got engaged with many people going for the three trilogy stone rings – people definitely follow the royals a lot.

“Celebrities like the Kardashians also have a huge effect with those big solitaires and people have taken a lot of inspiration on what they see from them, but we are able to help them make it their own by going for a different diamond and shape.”

Robinson Goldsmiths are also seeing a new trend in coloured engagement rings as well as people loving their authentic Irish Celtic wedding bands.

Jennifer says: “People are switching it up with sapphire and emerald and are loving coloured stones now. A lot of people are going for morganite which is a pale pink. Yellow gold and rose gold are also making a big comeback right now.”

Celtic Wedding Bands

“We’ve also noticed people coming back to their roots a little bit more and loving our own authentically made Celtic wedding bands which pay tribute to their culture and gives them something traditional and different.

“We’ve also had quite an influx of people enquiring about our lab created diamonds called moissanites, which are proving quite popular as well. It’s a good price point so it helps you get the look you want but at a price that’s right for you.

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“They’re also better for the environment and are a sustainable option as people are more cautious about the environment and where things are coming from too.”

As well as their stunning range of engagement and wedding rings, Robinson Goldsmiths offer unique bridal jewellery to add those finishing touches to your wedding wardrobe.

Unique Bridal Jewellery

Jennifer says: “We also do a lot of unique bridal jewellery and one of our biggest designers is V by Laura Vann who covers bridal jewellery as well as bridesmaids’ and guests’ jewellery and everything sparkly!

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“We brought this to a recent wedding fair, and it was very popular with brides and has become one of our best sellers in the bridal market right now.”

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