Gemma Garrett’s New Buella Beauty Brand Becomes A Major Hit With Brides-To-Be


The former Miss Great Britain & Ulster’s new cruelty free beauty & skincare range is loved by brides and local celebs!

Gemma Garret from Belfast has achieved huge success in her career from her pageant days as Miss Great Britain and Miss Ulster, to working on TV and movies, and now welcoming her new beauty, skincare and wellness brand, Buella – which has become a major hit with brides!


Working as a makeup artist for over 10 years, Gemma has learnt a lot about products and more importantly what goes into them. As a highly recognised beauty influencer, she says she wants to recommend products that work but are also ‘guilt-free’.

Buella Life started out as a lifestyle website for luxury brands such as Lumity recommended by Cheryl Cole. Founder Gemma Garrett is a huge animal lover so their brands ethos had to include no testing on animals, ethically sourced and organic.

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“I knew I wanted to do with something with Buella, I just didn’t know what direction I would go in,” Gemma says. “I needed something with purpose that I was passionate about and that is animal welfare – a lot of people want good products, but don’t actually know where they come from!

“I’m an animal activist, vegetarian and now trying to be vegan. It can be a real struggle finding good products that are completely cruelty free. From 2018 when I started Buella Life, I have had a lot of people asking what I really think of certain products, so I wanted my own platform where I can recommend products that are 100% cruelty free. I’m not being paid to promote them, everything is ethically sourced and tested by me.

So after launching her independent skincare, wellness and beauty line Buella, Gemma is now ‘completely inundated’ with bridal work as many brides-to-be are loving the results from her newest products!

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“Just last year we launched our own Buella brand and our most loved product has to be our Body Hydro Firm Cream – it’s absolutely amazing, (and I’m not just saying that because it’s ours), the results speak for themselves! It’s for all over body, face and chest – its like a 4-in-1, hydrating, toning, firming and smoothing the skin.

“We really don’t do a lot of advertising, it’s mostly word of mouth which is how you know they really work. We’ve also had people like Rosanna Davison who was Miss World come to the launch, she is also vegan and loves the Hyrdro Firm Cream and scented candles.

“It took over 2 years to come up with formulas and everything is locally sourced, right down to our packaging. Although the products may be slightly more expensive, I feel it’s a guilty free buy – you know it’s coming from good sources, there’s no child labor, no animals were tested on, it’s organic and they’re recommended by real people.”

For brides-to-be, Gemma recommends started your skincare early, staying consistent and giving products time to work their magic.

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“We also have an exclusive deal with a brand called Lumity which Cheryl Cole is an ambassador off. It’s fantastic with supplements and face oil, and you can get 30% discount through Buella.

“For brides-to-be I would recommend they start those supplements at least one year before the day. The hair oil is also amazing as well as well as the lip treatment. I find a lot of people are so stressed the day of their wedding because their lips are so dry.

“You have to trust the products which can be hard when you don’t know it, but I always say word of mouth is the best way to know a product works. Also, stick with it! With social media and today’s online culture, we want a quick fix and see people posting on Instagram about products which can give false expectations.

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“You have to have patience, be consistent and give the product time to do their job. Brides come to me all the time and their face has completely broke out because they’ve jumped from one product to another, but consistency is key to seeing results.”

Gemma can also put together skincare and wellness hampers for both the bride and groom and is now working on expanding her luxury Buella brand with more exciting products to come!

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