Protocol for Men Reveal The Most Popular Suit Style for Grooms


From navy numbers to classic tuxedos, Protocol for Men has something to suit everyone – but which styles are the most popular this wedding season?

Protocol for Men have been a top favourite suit store in Ireland, helping countless grooms find their dream wedding wardrobe since 1985.

We’ve chatted to so many grooms from our real life weddings who choose Protocol for Men for their big day and their suits did not disappoint!

So, if you want to look sharp beside your blushing bride, then head down to their Dublin or Swords stores to find the suit of your dreams.

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We spoke to the Assistant Manager, Daniela Soares, who told us all about the top style and service from Protocol for Men.

“Our biggest brand would definitely be Benetti which is also an Irish label, and they are very popular and a forward thinking brand, especially for wedding suits,” she says.


“We also have Herbie Frogg which is an English Brand and Carl Gross which is a German brand and Skopes – they would be our main suit collections.”

In addition to these luxury labels, Protocol for Men’s other suit collections include Marc Darcy, Travis and Black-Tie which are also very popular with grooms. Although when it comes to the most popular style of suit, the navy number is still a big wedding winner.

“The bestseller is definitely still a good fitting navy suit.” Daniela says. “It’s still the top dog, even though navy has been around for a while and we think sometimes grey might take over, right now it’s a big style for weddings.

“The tuxedos would probably be the next most popular choice – they are definitely making a huge comeback for weddings and are a classic style which gives you a little something different for your day.”

With a lot of attention on the brides when it comes to weddings, Protocol for Men are passionate about making the groom a number one priority.

“Sometimes the bride gets a lot of attention for the wedding, but we make sure the groom is our number one and gets 101% from us,” Daniela adds.

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“Even if they just come in for an hour or they want more time, we never rush and it’s zero pressure. Our staff soon become the groom’s friend in a way, and they can have a little banter and talk about football and other things and it’s always a comfortable and fun experience.

“Some guys can come in feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights and walk out afterwards like ‘that’s nowhere near as bad as I thought’ and they can actually enjoy the suit shopping experience!”

And to make suit shopping even easier, Protocol for Men also offer tailoring and alterations, whilst catering for a range of budgets and providing options for both hire and rental suits.

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“In our Dublin Branch we have a tailor in-store who has been highly trained for 15+ years and we work with another expert in Swords and provide all the tailoring for our suits when needed.

“We also never charge for alterations on top of our packages so our wedding suits will always include alterations.

“With hire and retail options, we don’t just stick to one or the other and have multiple choices for both. Sometimes people will buy one or two suits and then hire the rest, so you’re able to have a mix and match and do what works best for you and your budget.

“Our retails packages include three suits for €750 and the hire package would be three suits for around €450 and we do a lot of different package deals which we’re very well known for. We also discuss budgets and try and work around the customers’ needs and provide good quality for a fair price.”

Although an appointment is not needed, Daniela recommends booking a designated time when you can discuss your needs with expertly trained consultants.

“We’re not strictly only by appointments and we try and help people where we can, but we definitely encourage appointments, especially with how busy things are now – it really does help.” Daniela says. 

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“For the first appointment we recommend a 1-on-1 consultation with the bride and groom so we get to hear exactly what they want. After this, we can then start the measuring process for each of the groomsmen. The final stage is one last fitting just to make sure everything is perfect and ready for the big day!

“We are with them through every step of the process and would like to think we take the hassle out of it for the grooms, especially with the alterations, tailoring and finding things like waistcoats to match etc – from start to finish we make sure everything is looked after for that special day.”

To find out more about Protocol for Men, view details HERE

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