Traditional Wedding Flowers and Their Hidden Meanings


The wedding flowers that you choose for your big day can tell their own story.

Flowers are a great way of adding a personal touch to your day and can help you reminisce on a happy time. On top of this, blooms can also tell their own story! Keep reading to discover the traditional wedding flowers and uncover their hidden meanings.

9 traditional wedding flowers and their hidden meanings


Flowers by Dundrum Blooms

There is no doubt that one of the most popular bridal flowers is the rose. Beautifully traditional, this type of flower has an array of different meanings depending on the colour. A red rose symbolises passionate love, yellow has connotations of joy, white connotes purity whilst pink signifies admiration.

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Flowers by Your Bloom

These fragrant blooms are said to represent a long and happy marriage so it is no surprise it is a bridal favourite. The fluffy petals and bright colours are sure to make a statement in the bouquet.


A spring wedding calls for a tulip bouquet! Much like the rose, these blooms have different meanings depending on the colour of the petals. Red tulips are a declaration of love, white symbolises worthiness in a marriage while yellow signifies sunshine and joy. Yet, with these differences in meaning, there is one core value that runs throughout all the different hues – everlasting love.

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Flowers by Eden Flowers By Gemma

If you love a full-bodied flower with an abundance of petals then the hydrangeas may by the bridal flower for you. Plus, it is marriage-ready and it signifies a compassionate bond and heartfelt emotion. Top tip, you can even use this flower in your bouquet as your something blue.


Flowers by Wild Bunch Flowers

Searching for a bloom that symbolises charm and attractiveness? Look no further than the Ranunculus. Known for its pretty ombre spirals and paper thin petals, these full-bodied and round flowers add an air of delicacy which makes them the perfect bridal bloom.

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Flowers By Celines Flowers Dublin

There is something so beautiful and timeless about a bouquet of orchids. With a meaning of refinement and love, any bride that carries this bouquet up the aisle is sure to radiate beauty and passion

Baby’s Breath:

Flowers By Celine Flowers Dublin

Beautifully delicate, these small white buds are tucked in many bridal bouquets that adorn our Pinterest boards. Symbolising innocence and purity of heart, this flower can be the star of any bouquet or used as an accent. They also look beautiful when incorporated into the bride’s hairstyle.

Calla Lily:

When people think of a wedding flower, this bloom often pops to mind. The trumpet style and elegant air complements the bloom’s regal meaning.

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Flowers by Pure Flowers Of Distinction

Eucalyptus is a fantastic addition to a bridal bouquet and helps to compliment the surrounding flowers with its light and herbal scent. This greenery is a symbol of protection and strength, two vital aspects to any happy marriage!

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