Bridal Checklist: What To Include In Your Wedding Overnight Bag


Don’t forget to pack these essential items!

The last few days before your wedding are bound to get a little crazy and overwhelming as you countdown the minutes until you say ‘I do’. You’re sure to be running last minute errands, collecting things, delivering items and hopefully trying to wind down and get your head in the right place to be excited for the big day!

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With so much on your mind, it’s only natural you might forget little things along the way, which is why we’re here to help with this handy bridal checklist of all the must-have essentials you can’t forget to pack the night before. We have options for if you’re getting ready at home or at the venue so take what applies to your situation!

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The overnight essentials:

  • Toiletry products; toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, extra hair products, razor, body lotion and any skin care products
  • Hairbrush, hair accessories such as clips, bobby pins, hair ties etc.
  • Wedding night lingerie
  • Makeup products, brushes and makeup remover
  • Change of underwear and socks
  • Second-day outfit, shoes and accessories
  • Comfy PJs and slippers/socks
  • Wedding robe (or any cosy one!)
  • Hair care products – we recommend a hydrating hair mask if you have a lot of hairspray and back combing to get through!
  • Bubble bath if your bridal suite has a tub!
  • Sanitary products; tampons and pads
  • Perfume
  • Nail care
  • Mini speaker (to get the vibes going!)
  • Painkillers
  • Any needed medication or birth control
  • Purse
  • House and car keys
  • Phone charger
  • Flat shoes
  • A bottle of bubbly

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What To Include In Your Wedding Overnight Bag - bridal party with bubbly

If you’re getting ready from the venue or hotel:

Add these to the list above if they apply!

  • Bridal prep robe or a button up that you can wear when getting your hair and makeup done – not something that you have to pull over your head. (Make sure this is something you’re happy to be photographed in like matching robes for you and your maids!).
  • Wedding morning snacks and water if the venue is not supplying
  • Wedding dress and hanger
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding day lingerie
  • Wedding day accessories
  • Any sentimental items for the day
  • Sunglasses
  • Wedding lipstick, gloss and lipliner
  • Face powder for blotting
  • Sunglasses
  • Headphones for zoning out
  • Bridal diary if you want to make any notes the morning of or want to write a note to your bride or groom-to-be!
  • Wedding day emergency kit; safety pins, tissues, wipes etc. Let one of your bridesmaids have this on hand!
  • Any cash you need for suppliers on the day (add to hotel safe when you arrive!)
  • Suppliers list with contact details and timeline for the day
  • ID and any needed paperwork for the legal ceremony
  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding party gifts

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What To Include In Your Wedding Overnight Bag - bridal party robes


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  • Don’t do all the packing for both of you! Remember your trying to relax the few days before your wedding so you don’t need any extra stress. Make sure your fiancé does their own packing, but you can always run through this list together after which might remind them of what they’re missing
  • Even if you are only heading away for a couple of nights, there will still be a lot of items so don’t try and cram it all into a small bag or case. We recommend a large suitcase to see all your items
  • If you want to be extra organised you can order packing pouches online to keep everything together – this way you’ll be able to find things much easier with less rummaging
  • Coverups or shawls for your bridesmaids and flower girl – get any accessories like this to them a few days or weeks before your wedding so you don’t forget
  • If you’re getting ready at home and going straight to the venue, ask someone you can trust to bring your overnight bag to the hotel ahead of time and get delivered to your room and hang any important items up like your second-day outfit
What To Include In Your Wedding Overnight Bag - wedding dress hanging  up

Happy packing, we hope this helped!

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