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Which Wedding You Should Have Based On Your Star Sign


The stars have aligned and you’re about to say ‘I do’ to the love of your life, so why not let your zodiac sign help you plan your dream day?

Your wedding is only one of the biggest days of your life, so you need to take ev-er-y-thing into account.

Believe it or not, your star sign can tell a lot about not only your personality and traits, but also what makes your dream wedding day, right down to the venue and dress!

Whether you’re into star signs or just curious about what we think your dream wedding will be, we’ve predicted everything from the theme, venue and dress style so you can have a day that’s truly written in the stars…

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ARIES: March 21 – April 19

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which makes sense for such a ambitious and competitive sign. If you’re a fiery Aries, you’re bold, passionate and love control – but you’re also sweet, open-minded and loving, so you get away with it 😉. You tend to leave things to the last minute and make spur of the moment decisions which can get a little tricky, especially when it comes to wedding planning. Your random bursts of energy and child-like nature may mean your wedding may be a bit spur of the moment, but probably the most fun and exciting!


Your Dream Wedding

Aries are an independent and bold sign with a strong sense of self who are unlikely to hand the reins over to a wedding planner. We think you’ll love the experience of planning your own dream day and feel proud at every stage when it all comes together. Your adventurous spirit and high energy may mean a destination wedding abroad is on the cards. Make sure to add your own unique style and touches with a bright colourful theme and lots of fairy lights.

Here are some venues we think an Aries will love…

Your Dream Dress

If you’re booking a destination wedding or travel themed day, then you’ll need a stunning dress to match! For beach brides, we recommend a flowy and light boho number or a short style that matches your quirky taste.

Here are some styles we think an Aries will love…

Wilderly F195 dress from Orchid Bridal Studio
Martina Liana dress from White Gold Bridal

TAURUS: April 20 – May 20

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus’s are big lovers of romance. Your symbol is a bull which embodies both the fierce and serene nature of this gentle giant. You tend to love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature, and are one of the more chilled signs of the zodiacs. Be careful not to let your laidback tendencies turn into laziness when it comes to wedding planning, and don’t leave the bigger (and more boring tasks) until the last minute.

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Your Dream Wedding

You tend to be a people-pleaser, which isn’t the worst thing as it means you’ll be really focused on the guest experience and creating an unforgettable day! You also love the finer things in life so guests can expect not only a fun-filled event, but an elegant and glamouros day. This combined with your love of nature could make an outdoor ceremony the perfect wedding venue for you – think country house gardens, forest vows or coastal views.

Here are some venues we think a Taurus will love…

Your Dream Dress

When we think of a Taurus bride we think of a fairy-like goddess who looks breathtaking in an airy and feminine style as she says ‘I do’ surrounded by Mother Nature. Lace sleeves, soft blush or intricate embellishments are all styles that would look perfect on you.

Here are some styles we think a Taurus will love…

Stella York dress from The Wild Rose Boutique
Willowby Watters Lucia dress from Marie Me Bridal

GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

As the most social signs of the zodiac, your wedding day will definitely be something to remember! Geminis usually thrive on variety and are very creative, which means you’ll probably prioritise different guest activities and entertainment. However, make sure to keep communication with your bride or groom-to-be – it’s about what they want too! You’ve got the brains, the energy and the social skills to pull off a memorable event, but what should you choose?

Your Dream Wedding

You tend to change your mind a lot and have many different ideas (which you’re totally entitled to!), so make sure you spend plenty of time researching what you want. We think you’ll love a blank canvas venue where you can add your own style and personality. Or you could go for an already unique venue that suits your quirky taste – whatever you choose, it’s got to have a fun and fabulous theme like a festival or circus style wedding.

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Here are some wedding venues we think an Gemini will love…

Nola Clan, Co. Limerick

Your Dream Dress

As Geminis are the sign of ‘The Twins’, you are known for having two conflicting sides to your personality which can make things difficult when it comes to making decisions. So, if you’re finding it hard to choose just one dress, why not have multiple outfits for the ceremony and reception, or better yet, a multifunctional dress where you can switch things up? Whatever you decide, it has got to be glamorous and a style statement.

Here are some styles we think a Gemini will love…

Pronovias Emelia dress from Jean Millar Bridal
Dando London Star dress from McElhinney’s of Ballybofey

CANCER: June 21 – July 22

Ruled by the moon, Cancers are emotional empaths who tend to be real homebodies. Family will be a big part of your day, so you’ll probably opt for a cosy, classic and romantic celebration with all your loved ones by your side at every stage of wedding planning. We love your caring and sensitive soul, but be careful that the stress of wedding planning doesn’t make you lash out (though it’s hard not to sometimes!)

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Your Dream Wedding

You’re an old soul and a romantic at heart, so there’s nothing more suited to a Cancer than a intimate and chilled ceremony where family is the focal point of your day. For you, it’s all about a relaxed atmosphere, creating a joyful experience and romantic elements – imagine a cosy hotel ceremony with candles, elegant décor and flowers galore!

Here are some venues we think a Cancer will love…

Clanard Court, Co. Kildare
The Lodge Hotel, Co. Derry

Your Dream Dress

You’re very sentimental which is why we think you may want to wear a family heirloom as your wedding dress. Or if you’re set on having your own dream dress, we think a floral lace style is perfect for you – you can even add in elements from a family member’s dress, veil or jewellery to add that meaningful touch.  

Here are some styles we think a Cancer will love…

Victoria Jane Winter dress from Alexanders Bridal
Morilee Peta dress from Perfect Day

LEO: July 23 – August 22

If there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that no one is going to outshine a fiery Leo on their big day! Leos are ruled by the sun, so yes, that means everything technically is revolved around you – you love to be in the spotlight and are sure to look like a celeb as you strut the aisle. As you should, but our only advice is to stay clear of drama. You can be a bit of an overthinker and are very protective when it comes to getting things done right, so if you can control your perfectionism and manage your ego, we’re sure you’ll have your red-carpet day.

Your Dream Wedding

As your symbol is the mighty lion, Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac. You’re sassy, yet extravagant and elegant so a stunning ballroom venue would bring your wedding dreams to life. When it comes to theme, it’s black tie all the way! Think Gatsby glamour with lots of sparkles.

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Here are some venues we think a Leo will love…

Hillgrove Hotel, Co. Monaghan
Corick House Hotel, Co. Down

Your Dream Dress

When we think of a Leo bride, we think either a fairtytale princess or stylish celebrity. Whether it’s an extravagant ball gown fit for a queen or a sleek and sexy silhouette dress which hugs all your curves, its got to be a showstopper!

Here are some styles we think a Leo will love…

Sophia Tolli dress from Amsha Bridal
Tara Lauren dress from Beau Bride

VIRGO: August 23 – September 22

Being an earthy sign representing the goddess of wheat, Virgos have a very down to earth personality with logical mind and perfectionist tendencies. When it comes to planning your day, we have no doubt you’re going to think of every detail. However, be careful not to get too focused on the minor mishaps that you can’t control.

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Your Dream Wedding

Virgos already probably have a vision of their dream day in mind, which we are guessing is a serene and meticulously planned nature and rustic inspired wedding. Think of a chic setting filled with fairy lights, candles and lots of greenery and add your own unique twist with textures of pampas grass, bright colour schemes and wildflowers.

Here are some venues with think a Virgo will love…

Your Dream Dress

We all know how meticulous a Virgo can be when it comes to details, so it may be best to go for a sleek and minimalistic gown so you’re not so conflicted when it comes to choosing patterns, textures and details. A simple yet stylish dress will match your sophisticated and classy style and you can add in some quirks with statement jewellery!

Here are some styles we think a Virgo will love…

Modeca Federica dress from LA Bridal House
Mikaella dress from Tomorrows Bridal

LIBRA: September 23 – October 22

Libras tend to get a bad rap for being indecisive, but this shows how much you care about the finer details. You’re represented by the scales which means you’re all about seeking harmony and balance in every decision. You want to be fair to everyone and make sure everyone is happy, and this can get a little tricky when wedding planning. Sometimes you just can’t please everyone, so focus on what is important for you and your beau and you’re sure to have the Pinterest-worthy wedding of your dreams!

Your Dream Wedding

Libras thrive in social settings, so your dream day will probably consist of a big party celebration with lots of family and friends. Being ruled by the planet Venus, you have a love for the finer things in life and this, combined with your contemporary style, would suit a chic city wedding! Add a flower arch for an extra feminine and chic aesthetic.

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Here are some venues we think a Libra will love…

Your Dream Dress

If there’s one thing we’re sure about Libras, it’s that they’re very fashion forward with a strong sense of style. As Libras are a big lover of detailing, we think an intricate corset dress is the perfect option for you – think soft details, elegant patterns and a flowing skirt with a long train.

Here are some styles we think a Libra will love…

Alena Leena Zinnia dress from The One
Zavana dress from Romantique Bridal

SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21

Scorpios are known for being passionate, strong leaders and master multi-taskers so wedding planning will probably come naturally to you. With a mysterious demeanour, you never quite know what a Scorpio is thinking – you lean towards the unexpected and are all about trying new things, so don’t be surprised if your guests are unsure of your decisions. Make the choices that are right for you!

Your Dream Wedding

As a water sign, the Scorpio is very affectionate and emotional (but can sting if you try them!). Therefore, a beach wedding or coastal venue with serene sea views would be perfect for you. We’re confident that you’ll throw in your classy and elegant taste and create a fairytale fantasy like no other. Just be careful of your perfectionist streak when it comes to planning – as long as you pick the right suppliers, they will create your dream vision.

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Here are some venues we think a Scorpio will love…

Marine Hotel, Co. Antrim
Redcastle Hotel, Co. Donegal

Your Dream Dress

There’s no denying that Scorpio is one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac! Your sultry and mysterious nature makes a plunge, illusion or cut out dress a perfect option for you. And if you’re not up for revealing too much skin, we think anything fitted to show off all your best assets is a winner.

Here are some styles we think a Scorpio will love…

Essence of Australia D3150 dress from La Bella Sposa
Aire Barcelona TBCNI 171 dress from The Bridal Company Northern Ireland

SAGITTARIUS: November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is represented by the archer, which perfectly fits your headstrong nature and desire to always be self-improving. You dive into new activities and are very ambitious, so wedding planning is right up your street! Your day is sure to be the event of the year on everyone’s calendar. Just be sure not to get ahead of yourself financially and be aware of your budget if you have a specific limit.

Your Dream Wedding

If we’re being honest, we think you’d totally suit an elopement – just you, your significant other and closest friends and family. But if you are set on a bigger celebration, then we recommend a glamorous and elegant hotel wedding, with stylish interiors, showstopping rooms and a serene spa for a relaxing weekender with your loved ones.

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Here are some venues we think a Sagittarius will love…

Your Dream Dress

We know how much Sagittarius loves colour so we think a bold and bright dress might be your dream gown. Or if you’re a more subtle Sag, then why not opt for a light blush or slightly coloured patterned dress that represents your modern and quirky taste.

Here are some styles we think a Sagittarius will love…

Eddy K Celine dress from Tamem Michael
Hayley Paige dress from Snowdrop Bridal Couture

CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19

Represented by the strong and level-headed goat, Capricorns are always working on becoming the best version of themselves. You’re very practical and determined so you trust only yourself to plan your big day. You’re very practical so sticking to your budget and financial organisation can come easy to you during wedding planning. Just be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself and let your partner and loved one help you where they can.

Your Dream Wedding

A Capricorn usually can be quite old school and traditional, so we’re thinking a venue with lots of historic elements and class such as a grand castle wedding! Imagine walking down the aisle in a large and character-filled stone castle with scenic views and fabulous photo opportunities – you can even add your own chic and contemporary twist with rustic centre pieces and colourful décor.

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Here are some venues we think a Capricorn will love…

Belle Isle Castle, Co. Fermanagh

Your Dream Dress

As enthusiastic and optimistic as Capricorns are, you usually aren’t one to take risks. We think stay away from any bold colours and patterns and go for a more sophisticated and simple style with a mature edge. You’re probably not a lover of the princess gown, so an elegant a-line dress or even sleek suit would match your taste perfectly.

Here are some styles we think a Capricorn would love…

Pronovias T001 Wedding Suit from McElhinney’s of Ballybofey
Jesus Peiro dress from La Mariee Bridal

AQUARIUS: January 20 – February 18

As an Aquarius, you’re an air sign but are also represented by the water bearer who is seen as a world healer. So, it’s no wonder you have such a big heart and are so nurturing and caring towards others.  You’ll want to create the ultimate guest experience and have lots of fun ideas for an unconventional and contemporary day. Try not to get too stressed with making sure the day is fun-filled – as long as you and your boo are there, it’s sure to be a party!

Your Dream Wedding

You care deeply about creating a magical and unforgettable day and you’re always thinking outside the box. That’s why we think you’re suited to a fabulous forest or lakeside wedding decked with fairy lights, rustic décor and colourful florals which is sure to wow your guests and create the perfect Instagrammable setting!

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Here are some venues we think an Aquarius will love…

Your Dream Dress

You’re a trendsetter, not a follower, and you’re not scared to take the road less travelled by. That’s why we think a bold coloured dress or statement sleeves are the perfect choice for you – top this off with a leather jacket or cute faux cover up to add a stylish finishing touch.

Here are some styles we think an Aquarius will love…

Angela Bianca dress from Angelo Bridal
Ellis Bridals dress from Jean Millar Bridal

PICSES: February 19 – March 20

Last, but by no means least on the zodiac list is our water sign, Pisces. Pisceans have a reputation for being highly creative, imaginative and spiritual. You may have a tendency to have your head in the clouds when it comes to having lots of ideas, so if you have a specific budget, be wary of this. You’re very in tune with your emotions, so your day is set to be a heart-filled, romantic and whimsical event.

Your Dream Wedding

Pisceans are old souls who wear their heart on their sleeve, so we’re thinking somewhere low-key with lots of personal touches for your dream wedding location. You’re big on sentiment so it would be ideal to say ‘I do’ in the same spot as your parents or grandparents. But if you’re feeling something new, a dreamy country house or vintage castle themed wedding suits you to a T.

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Here are some venues we think a Pisces will love…

Your Dream Dress

Embrace your inner hopeless romantic with a jaw-dropping princess dress or bohemian style gown which will have you feeling like a Disney princess as you walk down the aisle – think floaty, feminine and fabulous with delicate details and lots of layers.

Here are some styles we think a Pisces will love…

Stella York dress from Dublin Bridal
Eugenie dress from Edel Tuite

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