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Your Ultimate Guide when Planning an Autumn Wedding!


As we are seeing a rise in weddings taking place over the autumn months, we thought it would only be right to help you plan your perfect autumn wedding!

There’s nothing better than autumn weddings in our opinion! When we think of autumn, the first things we think about are the smells of pumpkin spice, milder temperatures and feeling cozy and warm. These vibes definitely come out to play when planning an Autumn Wedding.

Autumn weddings photographs can look captivating and magical with the stunning colour palette. We are here to help you make sure your photographs and wedding planning will capture the season perfectly!

Things to Consider when Planning an Autumn Wedding

Stick with the Colours of the Season!

Make the most of the increased trend in rustic weddings and turn your wedding into one that showcases venues with open brick walls and open fires. That way, you can bring the colour palette from the outdoors into your venue naturally!

Red, orange and yellows are very popular colours to use for your overall wedding colour theme. There is also an increase in burgundy reds this year. This colour is certainly one to watch out for. Dark pinks, gold, cream and navy may also compliment the autumnal colours at your wedding.

We have seen plenty of weddings where the brides have picked different shades for the bridesmaid dresses, so the variety of the colours in nature are reflected on each bridesmaid! This always look spectacular in photos!

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Make the Most of the Lower Costs

Have you ever attended a venue but realised it is well outside of your budget? Many are not aware that if you book your wedding in the autumn months, you are actually booking the venue during off-peak months!

This means you should get a healthy discount on the overall wedding package. There is no doubt that there is more risk in having bad weather on your wedding day, however, there is also a good chance you might just get the ‘back to school’ sunshine too!

Make sure when you are attending your wedding venue to keep an open mind on the venue. The aesthetic of the venue might actually suit the autumn months more! For example, they might have a lot of reddish tones on the building and have a rustic feel overall.

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What food do you think about when you think of Autumn?

Want to make your wedding quirky and one to remember? Instead of going for the traditional wedding menu, why not go for a menu that reflects the season! Think soups, pulled pork, stews, pies and roasts! The first flavours we think about are apples and cinnamon. Maybe these flavours could be something you could include in your sweet treats and cake?

Also, we would recommend making sure there is hot drink options as this tends to be exactly what everyone craves in the autumnal months. Why not incorporate a pumpkin spiced latte on arrival instead of filter tea and coffee? Your imagination can go wild!

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Make sure your photos and videos are taken outdoors.

This seems like a fairly obvious one! The variations of the colours of nature will really make your photos and videos pop, so make sure you take plenty of photos on the day outside!

When getting married in Ireland, we are aware the weather can be fairly unpredictable, so make sure instead of passing up the opportunity, to hold out until the weather dies down. This day only happens once, so we can’t even imagine how it would feel not having the photographs to showcase the spectacular colours.

Make sure you have an umbrella with you or an extra layer for in between photos as it might get nippy every once in a while!

Also, make sure to take a look at your photographers style, especially during the autumn months. The natural brown and red hues will make a real impact to the overall image. This weather also tends to really compliment natural skin tones. Take note, if you are wanting a soft pinky girly vibe for your wedding, this season might not be the one for you.

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Let there be Light!

Make the most of the darker evenings during your wedding by decorating your venue with fairy lights! Make sure to ask your venue if they are able to decorate the venue with this option, as it can really bring the wow-factor!

If you are wanting a rustic venue, lights, candles and lanterns are a perfect option for you. Bring some warmth to your wedding by using candles as your centrepieces at the table. These decorations are fairly cheap and you could DIY these options to make it even cheaper.

Continue to bring the light outdoors in the evening time by hanging some lanterns and fairy lights out on the trees. There is something very whimsical and romantic about these small details that also make a massive impact on your guests.

Seasonal Flowers

Make sure to tie in your flowers with the season as there is nothing worse than seeing a colour palette that completely contrasts with the autumn aesthetic!

We would personally recommend using flowers like dahlias, roses, butterfly weed and lots of lush green foliage!

Make sure to do your research on what flowers will match the vibe you are wanting to bring to your wedding. You could find some images to show your florist or you could ask the florist themselves if they have any images.

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Make it a Holiday!

Have you got your date with your venue agreed yet? If not, it’s a great idea to incorporate the holidays into your wedding! Why not make your wedding date Halloween?

Just because you book this date, doesn’t mean you have to go all out with spooky vibes! Bring out the cozy elements of halloween on display. Maybe your centrepieces could be pumpkins or you could have some placed down the aisle. You don’t have to carve them!

Why not ask your venue if it’s rural about lighting a bonfire? You could get some sparklers or some fireworks also to end the night with a bang! The choices are endless.

Are you still looking for some autumn wedding inspo? Make sure to check out our online wedding directory for all our local recommended suppliers in Ireland!

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