What Kind Of Bride Is Your Star Sign?


Bridezilla or chilled AF? Party animal or meticulously organised? Find out what kind of bride your star sign will be here!

You probably already know what kind of girlfriend and fiancée you are by now, but what kind of bride are you are going to be when it comes to your wedding day? Read on to find out what we predict your star sign to be when it comes to the big planning process…

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ARIES: The Pretty Procrastinator Bride

Although we love your confidence and child-like nature, Aries, this is a bit of wild card when it comes to wedding planning. You’re more on the impulsive side so you might be used to making spur of the moment decisions and thinking you can do everything at once.

However, we know Aries is an incredible leader and this will shine through when things don’t go to plan (like when that venue is already over booked by the time you get through to ringing!). Regardless, you always pull it out of the bag in the end and you’ll probably end up finding an even better venue for half the price. It’s just an Aries thing!

TAURUS: The Chill Bride

We’re happy to say, Taurus, you’re on the bottom of our bridezilla list! You make wedding planning look like a breeze and your already-married friends are jealous of your laidback nature. You’re patient, reliable and chill making everyone else around you feel relaxed, which is a big plus for a bride!

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The only thing we recommend is make sure you think of everything, so you don’t have any regrets – maybe you feel you don’t really need a videographer, and you don’t, but it is always better to have more happy memories to look back on your favourite day. After all, you did do everything from scratch, right?!

GEMINI: The Indecisive Bride

Geminis are known for their wishy-washy nature which can see them overthinking even the smallest of decisions. Although it’s great to be thorough, when it comes to planning a wedding is made up of a million micro-decisions, things can get a little over complicated.

You’re probably question each and every decision you make and doubt yourself more than you need to, which can make you a teeny bit of a bridezilla. The good news is you’ll probably plan ahead for everything that could possibly go wrong and always be one step ahead of the game – you’re sure to be the go-to wedding expert when it’s time for your friends to plan their big day!

CANCER: The Super Emotional Bride

If you know anything about astrology, you already know water signs are the most emotional of the zodiac. No shame to you Cancer, being emotional is a great thing – you’re sentimental, have a huge heart and care about everything! We predict you’ll have a longer engagement, not because you can’t decide on anything, but because you looove the planning process.

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You hate the thought of your wedding fuss coming to an end anytime soon – it’s just another reminder of how much you and your partner love each other! We think your day will be up there with one of the most romantic, sentimental and emotional weddings of them all (just remember to wear some waterproof mascara!)

LEO: The Dramatic Destination Bride

As a Leo you’re full of adventure and enthusiasm, so the second your partner pops the question you’re already daydreaming about saying ‘I do’ in paradise! There’s nothing you love more than a party, so it’s no doubt your day will be an unforgettable celebration.

We think your pre-wedding events will be just as fun as the day itself – picture a wild hen party, a super stylish engagement celebration and champagne galore! As a fire sign, you can be a bit of a hot head when things don’t go to plan. So be careful of your dramatic reactions and try not to let minor inconveniences cramp your style – you always win in the end!

VIRGO: The Meticulously Organised Bride

You’re the Monica from Friends bride who always has her sh*t together and probably have your own label gun. Most people squirm at the though of wedding planning, but not you, you’ll have the time of your life! Your attention to detail and work ethic are next to none and everyone around you is amazed at your efficiency and taste.

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You also love the idea of living lavish when it comes to your big day (as you should) and put yourself on a pedestal and treat yourself a little! Now is the time to show off all those organised planning skills to pull off a magical day with decorative details and unique ideas. Try not to let your perfectionist side go wild though – this will only make things more complicated!

LIBRA: The People-Pleaser Bride

Ah Libra…as you are represented by the scales you love to keep things balanced and always strive to make people happy. Although this is a great quality to have, you have to remember that this is your day, so you get the final say! When it comes to wedding planning, people are going to have a lot of opinions, but it’s important for you to do what makes you happy.

If you want to have a small wedding abroad, but your mother-in-law wants a big party celebration at home for the entire family – you have to learn to put your foot down. Once you stand up for yourself, we know you will pull off the most amazing fairytale wedding and show off all those decorative ideas you already have pinned on your Pinterest board!


If you’re a Scorpio, you already know you play by your own rules! You’re not as into the whole traditional thing when it comes to weddings and marriage and love to live life with a sprinkle of spontaneity, so why not go all out? We think you’ll run away to elope somewhere, just the two of you in a super romantic and breathtaking location like a cliffside or mountain peak.

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Wherever it is, your photographs will be amazing and people will be talking about your wedding for a long time – how did she still look so good after climbing all the way to the mountain top? Scorpios still love a party, so maybe a second day celebration with family and friends will be on the cards for you too.

SAGITTARIUS: The Traditional Bride

As a Sagittarius you probably love every wedding tradition there is and will try and include all of them. You’re daydreaming of a classy church ceremony with a romantic hotel reception. You already know your bridesmaids and maid of honour before he even proposed and memorised all their essential duties.

You’re all about sentiment and are thrilled at the idea of wearing a family heirloom like your grandmother’s pearl earrings or even incorporating a piece of your mother’s wedding dress into your own – whatever you decide, we know you’ll make it your own and your day will be one of the most romantic and sentimental weddings for the ultimate happily ever after!

CAPRICORN: The Family-Orientated Bride

You’re probably the most family orientated bride out of all the zodiacs and are set on making family the centre of your day. You want to make sure everyone is happy and will bend over backways to make sure there’s no drama and everything runs smoothly!

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You’re sure to invite all your extended family, play plenty of fun games, have a quirky photobooth and set up the most memorable day for everyone involved! Your speeches will be the best, after all, nobody knows a Capricorn better than crazy family. Even though you’ll probably have a big wedding (with lots of work) you’re wise beyond your years and your responsible side will make sure your day is the perfect affair.

AQUARIUS: The Party-Animal Bride

Aquariuses are always the most fun – you’re super chill, up for anything and somehow never get a hangover?! While you can’t wait to marry your soulmate, the thing you’re most excited about is getting to throw a showstopping party!

For most brides, wedding planning is a stressful experience, but not you – you just want to be married already and don’t really care about which flowers or centerpieces go perfectly with your bridesmaid dresses. You cringe at the idea of traditional vows and will probably write your own hilarious speech that will have all your guests cracking up and end up viral on YouTube.

PISCES: The Anti-Bride Bride

All you really want is to just get married already and start your honeymoon in an exotic paradise far away from all the hustle and bustle. You hate the (sometimes unrealistic) expectations people have on creating the most memorable day ever and don’t get what all the fuss is about.

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You’d much rather have a super casual and chic city wedding or elope somewhere abroad and start your new chapter in a relaxing way. But as we all know, Pisces is a water sign, and so you have a lot of consideration towards other people’s feelings, so there’s no way you’re getting married without your family there.

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