Just How Sexy Is Your Star Sign?


Your zodiac sign governs everything about your personality and relationships – and that includes your sex life as well. Discover what traits your star sign brings when it comes to your sexual likes – and dislikes!

You might not necessarily check someone’s star sign before you swipe left or right – but it might be worth finding out before you jump into bed with them!

Sexual chemistry is a vital part of any relationship, so it’s worth turning the spotlight on yourself and your other half and finding out how your star sign governs your sexual preferences.

Once you find out if it’s true what they say about Scorpios or whether Sagittarius has all the fun, that can help you to tune into your own sexuality and understand your own needs and desires better. Take it away!

How Does Your Star Sign Measure Up?




Aries is governed by Mars, the planet of passion and desire, and it’s the ultimate fire sign, so it’s all about passion in the bedroom. Arians love spontaneity and action, so think quickie sex and forbidden outdoor encounters. They’re said to love the thrill of the chase – and don’t like to be kept waiting. And no matter what sex they are, they like to take charge – Aries men and women both like their lovers just where they can fully own them.

Match with: Sagittarius and Libra

Try: Standing up sex

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Taurus is passionate as well, but unlike Aries, is also patient and gentle. The sign is ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, and sensual but intense Taureans love to take their time and experience sex through all the senses – you may even find them taking the sexual encounter into the kitchen! They’ll take you to the peak within minutes or tease you for hours on end. Despite their apparent serenity, Taureans are stubborn and determined, but will shower you with affection and romance, so expect plenty of kissing and touching.

Match with: Capricorn and Cancer

Try: Sensual food-related foreplay

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 The twins of the zodiac are known as mischievous tricksters who long for intellectual conversations with plenty of mental stimulation. Known for their dual and versatile personality, they’re thrill-seekers and experiementers – romance is playful and sex isn’t taken too seriously. They’re quick and restless, loving to experiment with different positions and play games in the bedroom – it’s all about the thrill of the chase and delayed gratification. Expect sexting and dirty texting, followed by loads of foreplay, delaying the act of sex itself.

Match with: Aquarius and Aries.

Try: Role play

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One of the more emotional signs of the Zodiac, Cancerians seek intimacy and prefer gentle seansations and romance rather than casual flings and wild sex. Cancerians are the psychic empaths of the zodiac and being in love means serious commitment and emotional intimacy. They like to feel safe and needed, but once they let their guard down, they will shed their fears and shyness and show their sensual and deeply erotic side, giving themselves fully to their partner in the bedroom.

Match with: Taurus and Pisces

Try: Spooning, or anything with lots of sensual skin-to-skin contact

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Bold Leos are the life and soul of the party – full of charisma and presence, they are enthusiastic and passionate and will light up the room. This fire sign is ruled by the sun and expects admiration in the bedroom – often deserved. Leos thrive on praise and attention and love to showcase their abilities in the bedroom. They’re open to new experiences, as long as these play to their strengths – and sexual fantasies are more than welcome.

Match with: Scorpio and Aries

Try: Sex in front of a mirror

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A classic perfectionist, the Virgo tends to be precise and calculated in bed – they will be attentive but reserved until they feel they have the measure of their partner. Virgos are ruled by Mercury and are methodical and analytical, all about attention to detail. But while the astrological sign represents the virgin, Virgos will drop their barriers once they feel comfortable, and pleasure becomes the goal – they’ll stop at nothing to pleasure their partner. Virgos are obsessed with cleanliness and good hygiene, so make sure the sheets are immaculate – or maybe take it into the shower for a sensual experience.

Match with: Scorpio and Capricorn

Try: Thoroughly researching erogenous zones

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Ruled by the goddess Aphrodite, Libra is the lover of the zodiac – charming, seductive and in love with love. Librans can be picky in their tastes, but love the thrill of the chase and feel at their best when surrounded by beauty. It’s not hard to fall for a Libran but getting them to fall for you is a different matter – they will often fall in love with the idea of their partner and be disappointed with the reality. Let your Libran partner do all the chasing and dress to impress, as Librans will rarely let themselves be seduced.

Match with: Aries and Taurus

Try: Missionary or 69 – it’s all about the balance

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Ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld, Scorpio is the zodiac predator who will hide their fears by wrapping themselves in a cloak of mystery, using intimidation to spark intrigue. They’ll appear challenging when it comes to love and sex – for Scorpio, life is all or nothing and they will weave a web of hot, mysterious drama. When in love, this water sign is awash with passion, and in the bedroom,a nything goes – there are no taboos, not inhibitions and no shame. Scorpios do love to get their kink on!

Match with: Virgo and Leo

Try: Handcuffs

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Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians are adventurous, fun-loving and long for travel, learning and new experiences. They are playful, open and easy to like. What you see is what you get – thye don’t play games (unless they’re sex games!). It isn’t hard to seduce a Sagittarian- spontaneous sex and adventurous fantasties turn them on, and they’re always happy to try out a few moves. Sagittarians are always in the mood to experiment, so tantric sex is worth a go.

Match with: Gemini and Aries

Try: Al fresco sex

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Ruled by serious Saturn, Capricorns are naturally cautious and want to get to know their partners really well before getting physical. An earth sig, they prefer to know where they stand in a relationship before taking things to the next level, but once they have that vital emotional connection, they have no problem letting go. They’re traditional and conservative – and so is their seduction technique – think fine dining, good wine, classical music and you could be looking at an all-nighter!

Match with: Virgo and Scorpio

Try: On top – Capricorns love being in control

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Tricksy Aquarians struggle to commit and can be flighty in their affections. Aquarius is the genius of the zodiac, ruled by revolutionary Uranus, and is a natural born visionary. This air sign is logical and detached and needs lots of conversation and mental stimulation before taking matters to the bedroom, but once there things can get passionate. They’re willing to act on their wild impulses and experiment with the unconventional, delivering an exciting sexual journey, but they value independence and freedom, so they may want to keep things casual for a while.

Match with: Scorpio and Gemini

Try: New age sex toys

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Ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are in tune with their surroundings and deeply empathetic, and feel best when emotionally healing those around them. They feel best when they share a deep emotional connection with their partner and once they feel secure, Pisceans can be hugely seductive and open to experimentation. They have vivid imaginations, and when in love, their partner’s needs come first. Sex can be hypnotic ad half-asleep morning sex goes down very well – so don’t make any plans for an early morning run!

Match with: Cancer and Scorpio

Try: Shower sex


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